What are the types and symptoms of diabetes?

People have a misconception regarding diabetes and think that there are two types of diabetes: Type 1 and type 2. There are four main types of diabetes. Diabetes is a group of symptoms characterized by the inability of the pancreas to secrete adequate amounts of insulin.

The pancreatic gland fails to produce a sufficient amount of hormone. It can’t process the insulin produced. When any of these symptoms get diagnosed, your body Doesn’t get sugar from the blood cells. The best diabetologist Nagpur Says that high blood sugar levels cause several health problems. Glucose is essential to produce energy. Insulin helps to break sugar into a simple form so that it reaches the blood cells.

What is Type 1 Diabetes?

Type 1 Diabetes happens when the body doesn’t produce insulin. It becomes essential how to inject insulin externally via injections, pump, or pen. Type 1 Diabetes triggers change in blood sugar levels. Thus, it is essential to go for a blood test. Monitoring Blood glucose and insulin injections are the only ways to get rid of Type 1 Diabetes. There is no alternative solution.

Type 1 Diabetes is common among adolescents and makes you dependent on insulin, it’s called Juvenile diabetes. 

What are the symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes?

Dr. Vina Bang says that type 1 diabetes is frequent in children and adolescents. But it can develop in adulthood too. following are symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes:

  • Increased thirst
  • frequent urination
  • unauthorized weight loss
  • Weakness and fatigue 
  • Poor vision 
  • Reformist debasements 
  • Spaces of obfuscated skin 


Pre-diabetes is a condition where blood glucose levels are high in any case not high enough to be researched as type 2. With weight decline, way of life changes, and solution, one can manage their blood glucose levels and forestall type 2 confirmation.

Gestational Diabetes 

Ultimately, Gestational diabetes is a sort of that occurs during pregnancy. Like different sorts of diabetes, gestational diabetes impacts how the body utilizes sugar (glucose) and causes an increase in glucose. This kind of diabetes can affect both the pregnancy and the flourishing of the youth.

More rare kinds of diabetes include: 

Monogenic diabetes conditions

These are phenomenal procured kinds of diabetes addressing up to 4% of all cases. Models are neonatal diabetes and advancement starting diabetes of the young. 

Cystic fibrosis-related diabetes

It is a sort of diabetes unequivocal to people with this disorder. 

Drug or compound instigated diabetes: Examples of this sort happen after organ move, following HIV/Helps treatment, or are connected with glucocorticoid steroid use. Diabetes insipidus is a specific phenomenal condition that causes your kidneys to convey a great deal of pee. 

How typical is diabetes? 

Some 34.2 million people, considering– about 1 of every 10 – have diabetes in the U.S. Some 7.3 million adults 18 and above don’t know that they have diabetes (barely short of 3% of all U.S. adults). The number of people not really settled to have diabetes increases with age. More than 26% of adults age 65 and more settled (around 1 of each 4) have diabetes.


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