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Benefits of consulting to the best astrologer

Everything is destined; many people say this so then why there is a need for an astrologer. Though everything is pre-planned, it will be good, bad, marriage, progeny, etc. but you can contact a famous astrologer in Varanasi, you may get guidance on how things are going to happen. Before we need to know why we have to contact an astrologer, first we need to know how to get one.

How can one find the best astrologer?

  • Best astrologers in Lucknow, Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Allahabad, or anywhere cannot be area specific. A good astrologer will be by their skills and knowledge.
  • Their readings should become straight from them, not by their juniors or assistants.
  • The astrologer must have a specific qualification, certification, and skill set.
  • An astrologer must have practical experience.
  • Check their third-party response apart from their known website.

Some aspects that need astrologer’s guidance:

  • Understand your strength and your inner values: by any astrologer’s reading, it will be easier to know your strengths, weaknesses and characteristics. By determining your Lagna or birth-chart, any good astrologer tells about all this. They can tell other details also like chiron in cancer.
  • Know about the personal relationship: some houses denoting relations like 3rd for younger born, 4th house for mother, 9th for father, 7th for the spouse etc. can be analyzed by any astrologer and he can also help in different ways to connect with the people around you.
  • Career astrology: this is the main reason why most people consult astrologers. You may be very good in a line but is it good for your future or not.
  • Marriage: one of the biggest things in Indian arranged marriage is Kundli-matching, on which the whole wedding is based on. The best astrologer will not only see the basic gun matching and mangal dosh but also tell about the Lagna of both.
  • Health: health is wealth, but COVID shook the medical system. It is unpredictable. If you have any issues with your health then try to visit the best astrologer, doctors will give medicine but astrological remedies will work as magic sometimes. Sometimes astrologers also predict future health troubles, then that also can be taken as a piece of advice.

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Parameters that help to find a good astrologer

  • An astrologer must know how to co-relate past and present life. The astrologer is not all about the present; it also depends on our history.
  • An astrologer knows how to make a birth chart; any single mistake in a birth chart could change everything. Therefore, a good astrologer should have the competence to verify your accurate Kundli.
  • The astrologer must have required or basic qualifications with a mathematical background. A good astrologer is a combination of practical experience, intuition, and some certifications.
  • A sign of a good astrologer they not only tell about negativity but also the positive aspect of your horoscope.
  • He must know how to play with planets, even from a negative planet with the right trick and best results generated.
  • A good astrologer must not focus only on the birth chart for in-depth analyses.

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