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What to Wear With Silk Shirts

Since times immemorial, men have adored wearing silk shirts and silk tie as they were considered as the finest of clothing. The beauty of silk and its unique qualities make the best silk shirts an ideal choice for formal and semi-formal events. Wool and cotton shirts are also great but these are regarded as informal clothes for men.

Most people do not understand why it is considered to be formal wear rather than casual wear. If you are confused as to what to wear on your special day, then get ready to learn more about the different types of silk shirts available in the market and their intricate detailing. The versatility of silk and its rich appeal makes the best silk shirts an ideal choice for both formal and semi-formal occasions.

There are various types of silk shirts that are available in the market. These include buttoned silk shirts with buttons and fastened with satin or silk, loose silk shirts that can be buttoned or unbuttoned, crew neck tees that are usually wider at the shoulders and can be worn with any type of pants and trouser, and many others. Depending on the type of dress one wants to wear, one can opt for either plain or embroidered shirts. Plain shirts can be worn as casual wears while embroidered shirts can be worn along with different types of pants and skirts.

The care needed for silk shirts is fairly simple as compared to other fabrics worn for different occasions. However, basic care should be taken so that they maintain their sheen and shine without fading. Every time after wash, hang dry and air dry. Silk is delicate so frequent washing is not necessary. Silk dries very quickly so frequent washing is not necessary. For special occasions like holidays, washing is optional.

Silk is also known for its incredible elasticity. Even after washing, the garment is still wrinkle free and can be worn for a long time without wearing out. Therefore, a single silk shirt can serve for an entire lifetime. Furthermore, silk shirts are extremely durable so if one does not wish to replace them every now and then, they can be passed down as a family heirloom. This makes it easy to preserve a wardrobe of shirts that can be worn for several generations.

Silk clothes are relatively easy to maintain. All one has to do is to dry them on a low heat setting and avoid hanging them in direct sunlight. Silk clothes can be safely washed in warm water, but care should be taken so that the washing machine does not use harsh chemicals. Avoid washing shirts with other cloths as the chemicals from these clothes may react with the silk shirts. So, keep the above mentioned points in mind and enjoy the freedom of wearing a shirt that will never go out of fashion.

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