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When to Use BCAA Supplements?

You must have heard a lot about Branch Chained Amino Acids from someone who is working out in the same gym as you. But have you ever considered taking them for your fitness goals? Most people decide to use BCAA for gaining muscles and strength, but did you know that it is also helpful for weight loss. Studies have proven that BCAA with Vitamin B6 can be an excellent supplement for boosting metabolism, resulting in weight loss.

Finding the best bcaa powder that can replace the amount of protein you gain from sources like chicken, protein-rich lentils, and fish can be a bit difficult. But, you can really gain some benefits if you pick the right one.

Irrespective of which protein supplement you choose, the timing of consuming the nutrition supplement plays a vital role in gaining the results you desire. For example, whey protein may be suggested to be taken after a workout session. Similarly, there is a specific time for taking BCAA powders to see changes in your body while promoting weight loss. Before jumping to the timing, you should understand what BCAA’s are and how they work.

What are Branched Chain Amino Acids, and how do they function?

The human body requires nine essential amino acids. Some amino acids are produced within and body, and some you need to gain from external sources like foods or supplements. The amino acids you get from BCAA will boost your athletic performance and make you perform better during your physical workout sessions.

Most amino acids break down in the liver, but branched-chain amino acids break out in the muscles. Such breakdowns help produce more energy in the body, and thus you don’t feel tired while performing any task. Some other roles that BCAA’s perform are,

  • They preserve sugar in your liver and muscles
  • It regulates your blood-sugar flow
  • Reduces the fatigue you experience post-workout
  • Decreases the production of serotonin in the brain
  • Valine and isoleucine maintain the energy level in your body.
  • Leucine supports muscle growth
  • You start losing the fat stored in your body.

What is the correct time to take BCAA supplements?

Many experts insist on the fact that timing is everything. Below you’ll find details on how to consume BCAA supplements depending on your fitness goals.

  • If you are on intense muscle gain training, you must consume it half an hour before starting your workout. It helps restrict muscle soreness and also eliminates blood markers.
  • If you lift heavy weights, try consuming BCAA with whey protein to maintain strength and body composition.
  • Those who prefer doing cardio to get rid of fat must consume BCAA in between your exercise. It will maintain your energy levels by proper circulation.
  • For maximum results, you can take BCAA supplements 45 minutes after your training sessions.

The quantity of BCAA powder that you can consume daily depends on your body weight. If your body weight is 75 kgs, you can consume 15 grams of BCAA in a day.

If you are looking for the best bcaa powder, don’t forget to buy it from a certified platform that assures your product quality. You must also consult a professional nutritionist before taking any form of protein because each individual’s body reacts to proteins differently. So, understand what your body requirement is and then buy a supplement for gaining the best results.

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