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Why Choose a Trimmer Head Tap&Go: How It Works, Features, and Usage Benefits

A brush cutter is an ideal tool for green maintenance and care as it can be used for various tasks: from simply trimming grass to cutting brambles and pruning shrubs, to name a few examples. When choosing the cutting end between a head, blades, or a disc, the Trimmer Head Tap&Go (or Testina decespugliatore Batti e Vai) has long been preferred by many for the series of advantages it offers the user during work. Let’s discover how it works, its features, and the benefits of using it both professionally and privately.

Trimmer Head Tap&Go: Features and Usage

The Trimmer Head Tap&Go is a line trimmer head, a support or container that holds the cutting line wound on a spool and exits from two ends reinforced with metal rings (the eyelets) that rotate to cut and trim thanks to the motor’s thrust and serve to prevent container laceration. Having this container – made of durable material like reinforced plastic and fiberglass – resembling a protective shell that opens and closes, the head is also known as a shell head.

Trimmer Head Tap&Go: How It Works

Unlike a head without the bump feed system, where you must manually advance the replacement line when it shortens, the Trimmer Head Tap&Go provides automatic line advancement when it shortens through a simple bump on the spool while using the trimmer. This speeds up the work because time is not lost intervening manually.

How to Reload the Line in the Bump Feed Head

Another substantial difference from other heads is the quick reloading system of the bump feed head, which further speeds up the work and increases productivity. There are two reloading methods associated with two different models of the bump feed head:

  • Reloading in about 20 seconds: By winding the line from the outside without even opening the head (Load & Go head).
  • Ultra-fast reloading in just 10 seconds: With the Speed & Go head, which requires opening the shell of the head without using special tools, inserting a pre-wound line disc that does not tangle, and closing the head.
  • Effortlessly and without long downtimes, even those who are not experts can reload the cutting line.

High-Quality and Durable Materials of the Bump Feed Head

This head is made of high-quality materials resistant to wear and breakage. Properly chosen, considering what type of green maintenance work you want to do and the power of the trimmer, the bump feed head is designed to last long, and certainly longer than other cheap and poor-quality heads.

Other Advantages of Using a Bump Feed Head

The bump feed system and the ease of line reloading increase efficiency – continuous work, significantly reduced downtimes, and increased productivity. These benefits are complemented by having a head that is:

  • Easy to mount on the trimmer: Without needing special tools.
  • Made of durable materials: Which extend its usability time.
  • Highly versatile: Available in various models, each suitable for different cutting needs and compatible with many trimmers.
  • How to Find the Right Bump Feed Head for Your Trimmer and Needs

Start by evaluating the type and power of the trimmer. Then consider the intended use (what needs to be cut?) and evaluate whether choosing a head is better than choosing blades or a rotating disc. Given all the advantages in terms of efficiency, safety, and overall economic savings that the use of a bump feed head offers, it is essential to evaluate what type of line is necessary, always concerning the work to be done and the power of the trimmer. Based on this, you can purchase the suitable head. If inexperienced or simply uninformed, you can seek advice and opinions from head retailers who can direct you to the right one.

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