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Windows Replacement: How to Detect Rotting In Wooden Window Frames

As a homeowner, you know that your window frames are prone to damage, and calling for repairs or windows replacement could be the solution. Rotting is one way that causes damage to window frames especially if they are made of wood. Rotting should not be ignored once detected as it quickly spreads damaging the entire frame.

Wood rots especially when it has been exposed to moisture. This means that regular checkups should be done on the frames if you know that your frames come into contact with moisture often. The following are ways that can help you tell if your window wooden frames are rotten. If you notice the rot, call the windows replacement Oakville professional to inspect them further.

  1. The Rot is Visible

This is the easiest way of telling rotten window frames. The rot can be seen just by looking at the frame. A rotten frame has wood pieces hanging loosely and the inside wood particles can be seen from the outside.

Once you notice this about your wooden frames, replace them immediately to avoid further damage like falling off of the entire window.

  1. It is Soft by Touch

Another way to check if your wooden frames are rotten is actually by touching them. When doing the regular checkups, physically touch the frames and feel how strong they are. If the frames feel very soft and even leave some particles in your hand, then those frames are rotten.

Rotten frames easily fall apart when firmly touched, unlike good wood that feels steady even when squeezed. If your window frames feel very soft when touched, replace them immediately as they are already rotten.

  1. Changes in Color

When wooden frames are rotten, they can be invested by mold or fungi which discolors them. Therefore, if you notice the white or green color on your frames, it is a possible sign that your frames are rotting. The total discoloration of the frame is an advanced sign of a completely rotten wood frame.

You can also check for paint warping or peeling on the frame which is usually a sign of water leakage. Paint usually absorbs moisture and then it starts to peel off once it is fully concentrated. Change in color of your frames, calls for an immediate windows replacement.

  1. Regularly Check the Window Sill

The sill is usually the area that rots first even before the frame. This is because water tends to stagnate in the sill for long before it starts to spread to the entire frame. Therefore it is necessary to regularly check the sill even when the other window parts do not show any signs of rotting.

Check if the paint on the sill has peeled off or whether that area is discolored or soft. The removal of a rotten seal can prevent damage before doing window replacement Oakville. Wipe off any stagnant water found on the sill to prevent it from spreading to the other parts of the frame.

  1. Often Check the Miter Joints

This is the part of the window that is located in the interior corners that hold the trim. This area should be checked for any gaps that are caused when the wood absorbs moisture and expands. Once the wooden frame has absorbed moisture, it causes gaping in the miter joint area which is very dangerous.

You can begin to notice mold building over the window joints as well as soft areas of the wooden frame.

Once you have detected possible rotting of the windows and windows replacement has been done, the next step should be taking the necessary precautions to prevent the same in the future. Ensure that your gutters are well fixed as they could be the ones causing leaks on the frames. Instead of using wood, you can try changing the frame material to vinyl which does not react when it comes into contact with moisture.

If you still settle for wooden frames, make sure that they are properly sealed with good nonabsorbent paint. Also, ensure that the house is well ventilated so that condensation does not accumulate on the windows.

Source: Everything You Need to Know About Window Design and Renovation

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