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Basic Tips for YouTube channel growth in 2021 (Updated)

Basic Tips for YouTube channel growth in 2021 (Updated). Are you YouTuber or you think to make a YouTube channel? These tips will be helpful for you in YouTube channel growth if you are making a YouTube channel. In this article, we will complete a guide about the YouTube channel and also we will guide you about making a new YouTube channel.

What is a YT Channel

You will know about the YouTube website. YouTube is the most popular and high-ranking website, and according to Wikipedia YouTube has a 2nd position in the globe.

YT channel is the channel in which you can upload videos on different topics like Sports, Entertainment, Online Education, Gaming, and so on. In other words, you can upload anything that you want without abusive content. YT only allows a unique video that has no copyright issue.

The benefits of YT Channel

The benefit of the YT channel, you can earn money from the YT channel. Once your channel is approved by YT then you can earn the profit. Your earnings depend on your video’s views, likes, comments, and watch time. Your video will be good and helpful that engages people for more time than your profitability will be increased.

  • Earn Money
  • Increase Profitability
  • Become a famous
  • Marketing your own product
  • Teach and learn

The benefits of YT Channel

Minimum Criteria to meet YT Affiliate Program

Do you want to earn money through the YT channel? if your answer is yes then you need to meet up these criteria. The minimum criteria to meet the YT affiliate program is mentioned below:

  • Unique content
  • Proper channel theme
  • 1000 real subscribers
  • 4000 real Public watch time

Minimum Criteria to meet YT Affiliate Program

How to make a Gmail account for YT Channel

The first thing that needs to make the YT channel is a valid Gmail account. Do you want to make a YT channel and you don’t have a Gmail account for the YT channel? creating a Gmail account is very simple, you need to search Gmail signup in Google search engine and click on the first link.

You need to fill up these things that are mentioned below:

  • First Name & Last Name
  • Valid & available Gmail address
  • Valid Password
  • Add a Phone number or Gmail account to verify the account

How to make a YouTube channel

  • Open the YT official website and click on the sign-in button
  • Select the Gmail account that you want to create a YT account
  • Go into the setting
  • Click on create new account
  • Set Brand Account Name

Basic Setting of YT Channel

Once you have done your YT channel then you need to do some basic settings in the YT channel. These setting are consisting of the following steps that are mentioned below:

  • Upload logo of Channel
  • Add channel art
  • Account information
  • Write a description
  • Add links for your site or FB

18 Tips for Grow YT Channel

We will talk about the 18 basic and essential settings & tips that have an important role in the growth of the YT channel. These are all basic and essential settings & tips that help you in YT channel growth. Now we will discuss further on these tips. So let’s start:

Unique Name

The first thing that has an essential role in the progress is “Unique Name”. YT channel must be consisting of a unique name. Most people do common mistakes that they set the common channel name that has already earned a high value in the YT field, so this is wrong.

You need to set a unique channel name that will also show at the top of the YT search bar. Must avoid these names that have already been used in the YT channels.

Proper Logo

A proper logo is the second thing that has an important role in growth. Some people ignore the channel logo and start work on the channel, that is wrong.

Firstly, you need to set a proper logo for your channel because most people do subscribe to the channel for good looking channel logo. The proper logo shows the first expression of your channel. That is why you need to set a proper logo.

Set YT Art Chart

The essential thing that you have to do is “set YT art chart”. You don’t need to set a stylish YT art chart, you just need to set a simple and related art chart. Remember that the art chart must be related to your channel.

YT art chart size requirement is 2560*1440 pixels.

Set YT Art Chart

Write unique description

When you started a business you need to explain the business, as like that you have to write a unique description for your YT channel.

The question arises that how to write a good and effective description? That is very simple, YT channel description must be consists of three things that are mentioned below:

  • What your channel is for?
  • What types of videos you just put on the channel?
  • When you upload a new video?

That’s it if you want to add the new thing you can but these questions answers must be in.

Use Proper Thumbnail

They say “the first impression is the last impression”, rightly said. Thumbnails create the first impression of your video and it likely encourages users to click on your video. Create YouTube thumbnail for your videos and skyrocket the number of views. Use human images with expressions, stylish fonts, and proper color combinations to get the unimaginable view numbers. (Don’t forget to mention your brand).

Add Social Links

Add Social Links

This is important that your channel must have the latest one or two social links. That is not essential but it increases your profitability on social or websites. You can put the website and social link in about of YT channel.

Short and meaningful title

When you upload a video, you have to set a short and meaningful title. Short and meaningful titles help you in the increase in click rate. If your title tag shows a complete and clean guide that definitely people, click on your video.

Write a description for every video

For YouTube channel growth, I have already discussed why the description is important. So here in this section, you need to set a proper description for the video. The description should be about video content.

Try to Make a long video

YT prefers a long video instead of a short video. So you need to try to make a long video instead of a short one. Long videos quickly rank than short videos, and you can earn more profit in a long video.

Use # tags

Use # tags

Use # tags in your YT videos, YT allows us to add 15 #Tags in every video but you need to add only 3 to 4 # tags in every video. You can add these tags at the end of the video description. And don’t use the use in the # tags, as #YTTVidoes #TopYTVidoes.

These # tags will appear in the below YT video with blue wording.

Put tags in the channel setting

“Put tags in the channel setting” is also an essential thing that you have to do before uploading videos. You will know that how much important tags are in the growth of channels or videos.

Most people ignore these tags but that is wrong, for that you need to add tags in the channel setting.

Use TubeBuddy Extension for keywords

Use TubeBuddy Extension for keywords

One of my favorite extension is TubeBuddy, TubeBuddy extension help you in the growing of YT channel. It suggests keywords ideas and a much more basic and deep setting that you want to do in the YT channel.

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Add subscribe button in the video

You need to add the subscribe button to the video. How to add the subscribe button in your videos. Simply follow these steps:

  • Go to setting
  • Click on channel
  • Click on branding
  • Add the subscribe button

Add subscribe button in the video

Use the I button while video

Use the “I button” while the playing video, you can also add the “I button” in every video that helps to increase views on different videos. The sample is like that mentioned below:

Use I button while video

Add end screen

One of the most popular and useful features of YT is the end screen option which you can add end screen in the video. In this way, you can get more views on old videos.

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Avoid share videos via social media

For YouTube channel growth, don’t share videos via social media, most people do common mistakes that they share videos on social media to get more views but this is wrong. If you really want to work with YT, then avoid sharing videos on social media for getting views and subscribers.

Avoid sub vs sub

The third last tip is “Avoid SUB VS SUB”, why most popular and successful YouTubers suggest that avoid sub vs sub tricks for getting subscribers.

What is the actual reason behind this? According to new YouTubers, this is a promotion but they are wrong. Doing this trick you are losing your channel day by day because when you walk on this path your channel will be added to the YT channel scam list. Once your channel is added to the scam list you cannot be monetizing.

If you using this trick for getting views and subscribers kindly stop that and start a new channel.

Be patient

The second last tip is “be patient”, if you really want to see or grow your YT channel, then you need to be patient. Because any channel can’t grow so fast, so you need to be patient.

Quality not Quantity

Finally, the last tip of the YouTube channel growth is “Quality not Quantity”. What does it mean? If you are really want to grow the channel and work on the YT channel for a long period, then you need to upload quality videos, not quantity.

You upload a quality video every month that is better than the quantity videos. If your videos have quality then definitely users will subscribe after watching your video.

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