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10 Tips for Getting Back into Your House When You’re Locked Out

Have you ever been locked out of your home, looking for a way back in? It’s more common than you think and can really stress you out. But don’t worry. This article shares 10 tips to get you back inside when locked out.

Key Takeaways

  • Contact roommates, family members, or your landlord/rental office to help you get back in.
  • Check all the doors and windows to see if any are open.
  • You could try using a credit/debit card, taking off the doorknob, or calling a locksmith service like Locksmithland in Delray Beach, Florida.
  • Keep calm and think things through before you try any fixes on your own.
  • Consider changing your locks or giving a spare key to someone you trust to avoid future lockouts.

Call for Assistance

If you’re locked out of your house, calling for help is the first important step to take. To quickly and safely get back in, there are several options.

Contact Roommates or Family Members

Getting in touch with roommates or family members is a simple solution, especially if they have a spare key. They can come over and help you get back in. This way is often the fastest and easiest to end a lockout. If no one close has a key, reach out to your landlord or rental office next.

Reach Out to Your Landlord or Rental Office

If your house is a rental, your landlord or the management office might have a key to get you back in. Be aware, though, that some rentals may require a fee for this lockout assistance.

Getting help swiftly is key when locked out. Whether it’s friends with extra keys or your landlord offering lockout help, these steps can speed up your return inside.

Inspect All Entry Points

First, look outside your home for any way in that doesn’t need a key. Check doors, windows, and your garage. An open window, even on the second floor, might be an entry point. But, use caution if you try to get in this way.

Walk all around your home to check for unlocked entry points. Focus on windows on the ground floor or in the basement, and doors on the back or side. Many times, overlooking these spots can lead to finding a way back in.

  • Inspect all doors and windows, including ground floor, basement, and those on the second floor.
  • Look for any openings that could potentially allow access without a key.
  • Be extremely careful if attempting to climb through an open window, as this can be dangerous.

Taking time to look for open windows is critical. Often, in a panic, this step gets forgotten. Paying attention to details outside your home could keep you from having to pay for a locksmith or other help.

Locked Out

Locked out of your home? Don’t worry. You have several ways to handle it without harm. Try sliding a credit card to the lock, using the card to move the lock, or even removing the doorknob. These are some better ways to get back in when you’re locked out.

But, think twice before doing anything. Look at the lock and the door first. Do you feel okay trying these yourself? For tricky stuff, like taking the door off, save it for last. It might make things worse.

  1. Use a credit/debit card to try and open the lock. Gently insert the card into the gap between the door and the frame, and try to manipulate the locking mechanism.
  2. If the lock has a knob, try removing it. You may be able to access the locking mechanism and disengage it from the inside.
  3. In extreme cases, you may need to remove the entire door from its hinges to gain access. This should be a last resort, as it can cause significant damage.

Keep this in mind: these ways to get back in work, but they’re not risk-free. Breaking the door or lock could be expensive to fix. If you’re not sure, getting a locksmith is your best bet.

Prevent Future Lockouts

Being locked out is frustrating and inconvenient. But, you can take steps to prevent it. One way is to give a spare key to someone you trust nearby. This way, you’ll have quick access to your home if you ever get locked out.

Give a Spare Key to a Trusted Person

Handing a spare key to a trusted friend can change everything. Pick someone close who can help. Then, if you get locked out, you just call them instead of waiting for a locksmith.

Hide a Spare Key on Your Property

Another choice is to hide a spare key at home. You could use a magnetic key holder on your car or bury it. But make sure to pick a place that’s not obvious, like under the doormat. This way, you can get back in fast if you lose your keys.

Preventing a lockout is the best strategy. Giving a key to someone you trust or hiding one at home helps a lot. It keeps your home safe and gives you peace of mind.

Consider Upgrading Your Locks

After you’ve been locked out, think about making a change to your home’s locks. By changing your locks, you can stop getting locked out and make your place more secure. You might want to look into getting a smart lock. It lets you open the door without a key and even from far away.

More and more people are choosing smart locks because they are easy to use and offer better security. You can use your phone, a code, or your voice to unlock the door. This is great if you’re always losing your keys or need to let someone in when you’re not home.

Choosing the right locks is a big decision. It’s important to get help from a trusted locksmith, like Locksmithland in Delray Beach, Florida. They can check your locks and suggest the best upgrades for your budget. It usually costs between $80 and $300 to have them change or rekey a lock.

Smart locks need to be set up by someone who knows what they are doing. They work with your home’s security system, so it’s a job for a pro. Even though they might cost more, they offer better security and will save you from more lockouts in the future.

It’s key to keep your locks in good shape. Over time, old locks can wear out, making them less secure. Switching to a smart lock or rekeying can help. It keeps your place safe and sound.

Protecting your home is very important. By upgrading your home locks and looking into smart door locks, you take a big step towards keeping burglars out. These steps can make a real difference, protecting your home from being broken into.


You’ve discovered many ways to enter your home when locked out in this guide. These methods range from asking for help to trying DIY tricks. All the advice given aims to get you back inside without harm.

Preventing future lockouts is also key. Encouraging spare key sharing and enhancing home security are vital. Doing these steps can cut down on the times you get locked out. They also protect what’s important to you.

Being ready for a home lockout is wise for anyone. This article is here to offer support in tough times. Following these tips ensures you’ll find a way into your house safely. It brings peace knowing you can handle such situations well.


What are the first steps to take when you find yourself locked out of your house?

First, reach out to roommates, family, or your landlord. They might have a spare key. Look around at windows and other doors. You might find one that’s open.

How can you regain entry if the home is completely locked up?

You can try using a card to gently move the lock. More drastic solutions include pulling off the doorknob. Or, you can always call a professional locksmith. For example, Locksmithland in Delray Beach, Florida is a reliable service.

What are some ways to prevent future lockouts?

Give a spare key to someone you trust, like a neighbor or friend. You can also hide a spare key in a safe spot. Upgrading to smart locks is another good move. These locks can be operated from your phone or by a code.

What should you do if you rent your home and get locked out?

If you’re locked out and you rent, try contacting your landlord first. They might be able to help by unlocking the door. But be aware, some landlords might charge for this service. Lighten this content for kids”>

How should you approach attempting DIY solutions to regain entry when locked out?

Stay calm and think before you try anything. DIY methods might damage the door. You could use a card or remove the knob, but be gentle. These methods may not always work well.

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