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4 Ways to Get Moving on Bald Head Island

Everyday life often consists of sitting all day at work or moving around in a way that isn’t fun or relaxing. Exercise can and should be refreshing and rejuvenating, but that often takes a backseat when we are pressed for time. When vacationing in North Carolina coast rentals, there are ample opportunities to move your body in a way that is genuinely fun and rewarding.

Learn about four ways to get moving on Bald Head Island below.

1. Canoeing

Canoeing is a great arm and core workout, and it offers a peaceful way to take in serene views around the island. Canoeing is also much quieter than boating, so you may be able to see more wildlife than you otherwise could on the water. You can easily rent canoes on the island, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own equipment.

2. Golfing

Although golfing is a difficult sport, it can be a fun way to get some exercise. Bald Head Island features an impressive 18-hole golf course with breathtaking views, plush greens, and challenging holes. Many golfers also have the privilege of seeing exotic birds or alligators lounging around on the course. Some rental properties offer reduced green fees to the course, and you can brush up on your skills on the driving range and putting green before heading out on the links.

3. Tennis

If you really want to get your heart pumping, head over to Bald Head Island Club to play some tennis with friends and family. The Club has four well-maintained tennis courts for you to use, and you can pick up any tennis gear you might need from the pro shop. You can rent equipment from the pro shop or sign up for lessons to improve your game, and the club also offers round-robin tournaments and special events throughout the year.

4. Nature Walks

One of the biggest appeals of Bald Head Island is all of the gorgeous natural scenery it has to offer. The island has a main forest trail loop that takes about 20-minutes from start to finish, but there are several more remote trails that branch away from the main trail. The trail brushes by marshes and creeks where birds and other wildlife are easiest to spot.

Many people think of relaxation as sitting on the beach with a good book, but Bald Head Island has plenty to do for people who prefer to relax with a little bit of exercise.

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