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5 Best Slot Machine Games for Android

There’s no need to go to Vegas to get the experience of playing slots in an actual casino. There are numerous slot machines apps for Android that you can play instead. Within that, there’s a variety in terms of rules, winnings, and aesthetics, so there’s something for almost any player.

We’ve selected the five best slot machines out of a wide range of options and at least one of these will suit your needs regardless of what kind of player you are and how experienced you are with slots.

Jackpot Party

There are different types of slots out there, but if you’re looking for a game that will make you feel like you’re a casino visitor in Vegas, Jackpot Party is the app for you. It includes almost 200 different free slot games and they are provided by Buffalo Slots, Dragon Spin, and many other slots provide that work with famous on-the-ground casinos.

There are numerous bonuses for new players as well as a daily bonus that will keep you coming back to the game even if you’ve had a few losses.

As is the case with most slot apps, there are regular tournaments that you can get into and qualify for big wins. The winnings can be exchanged for real money and you get to compete with the players across the world. It’s a fun and popular app that both new and experienced players can enjoy.

Lotsa Slots: Casino Slot

This is another popular app made to mimic the experience of playing an actual casino. The games that it offers are therefore very much similar to those you could get in a real casino. These include Pearl Cash, Lava Loot, but there are also many others.

It’s usually the bonuses that attract the players to this game. There are a lot of them and they come in all shapes and sizes. There’s at least one bonus every two hours meaning that you can easily come back and keep playing after a few bad rounds.

The game also offers daily quests which is a good way to keep the players engage, since playing the same game over and over again can get a bit monotonous. There’s no real money involved with this app, but it’s a good way to practice and have fun.

Tycoon Casino – Vegas slots

Tycoon Casino starts you off with as much as 100 million free coins, which is a good way to find your way around the game and learn by error. There’s a variety of rewards and bonuses available, and the game is very customizable when it comes to its themes and aesthetic.

There are also free gifts that come every 12 minutes and you get a lot of free spins as well. As is the case in Vegas there’s also a real melody when you win. Exclusive machines will keep you interested for a while.

The game also offers a double jackpot feature as well as tournaments that have a larger prize pool. These are played amongst the app users and not against an AI. It’s a fun app with a lot of free options. That’s what makes it perfect for those who care about the gameplay rather than about the winnings.

Double Down

Double down is another slot app that will bring a casino to your home. It has all the slot games that are expected from such an app and that mimic the visit to an actual casino. There are over hundreds of slot games available and you can find one regardless of what your preferences are.

The limit gets higher as you keep playing and there’s a special room for the players that are regulars and that has higher limits. The room has double winnings and jackpots meaning that it’s the room to play in if you want to win big.

There are also free spins available meaning that you’ll keep coming back to the app even when you lose everything. The app also offers additional free tokens for those who are connected to it via Facebook, since it’s striving for making the gameplay a communal experience.

myVEGAS slots

myVEGAS has a series of gambling apps for a variety of different games. This one is for those who are looking for a slot game, which is the most popular gambling game out there. There’s a fixed deposit for every new player, meaning that you get an early start.

Large bonuses are also available every two hours, as well as free spins to keep you engaged. There are also VIP statuses for some players and those who have it receive increased bonuses and extra chips. Savage Eyes, Lotus Land, and others are amongst the slot games available.

With this app, you don’t have to play for real money but you get all the excitement and aesthetic of actually going to the casino in Vegas. The app rewards loyal players by making the stakes higher as you play more. The game is also available for both Android and iOS.

There are many different slot apps available out there and most of them try to look and feel as you’re playing in a casino. Slots are amongst the most popular gambling games out there and there’s a variety of options available for all kinds of players.  Some of these apps allow you to play for real money while others are just for fun.

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