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What are the bonuses you can get after signup at online casinos?

Online gambling is a thriving sector. In 2019 the online gambling is worth approximately 262 billion U.S. dollars. The sector continues to grow at a very fast pace even in countries like Vietnam, where online gambling or tài xỉu online, isn’t particularly legal. There are already thousands of online casino sites worldwide, with each one vying to get your attention.

To survive and get ahead of the competition, these casino sites offer bonuses to attract players and expand their market. If you play online casino games for real money, you definitely need to be familiar with these bonuses. The casino bonuses can instantly boost your bankroll. In fact, there are types of bonuses that can reward players free money without spending any amount. Continue reading to learn about the most popular sorts of casino bonuses and what they have to offer.

Welcome bonus or Signup offer

Every online casino around the world has a welcome bonus. This type of bonus is specifically offered to new players who haven’t registered an account yet to the casino. There are different types of welcome bonuses as well. The most popular is the match-up bonus, where the online casino matches a percentage of the new members’ first deposit.

The welcome bonus is also the biggest amount of bonus you can ever claim online. Most welcome bonuses provide a 100% offer. So, if you make a deposit of 5000, you’ll get a free 5000 bonus money on top of your deposit, doubling your bankroll to 10000.

Take note that the welcome bonus is the first bonus you can claim in the casino. It can also be claimed one time only per player. If you happen to deposit the amount to the casino without getting this offer, the casino may not allow getting the bonus on your next deposit.

Reload bonus or deposit bonus

After you claimed your welcome offer, there are still other types of bonuses you can claim on your next deposits. The most popular type is the reload bonus also called a deposit bonus.

This works exactly like the welcome bonus, only that the bonus amount is much smaller. In reload bonus, the casino will also match the player’s deposit amount. However, it will only range from 10% to 50%.

The good thing about the bonus is that it can be claimed more than once every day. In fact, some casinos don’t give limitations on the number of times the bonus can be claimed each day.

No Deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus is the complete opposite of reload bonus and welcome bonus. It only means that you can claim this type of bonus without needing to make a deposit into your casino account. This is the reason why no deposit is very popular among online casino players.

This promotion will give you a chance to try out a new casino and its games without risking any cash. What’s more, upon completing the wagering requirements, you are allowed to withdraw your winnings. However, there is a chance that the casino limit the maximum amount can cash out. Read more: 안전사이트.

Free spin bonuses

As the name suggests, you can only use this bonus in online slot games. The free spin bonuses are rewarded in a number. But don’t underestimate this offer as some online casino site rewards hundreds of free spins. You can think of this as an actual spin on certain slot games sponsored by the casino. With this bonus, you can play slot games and win real money.

Cashback offer

This bonus is not as popular as the previously mentioned bonuses. However, this offer is still worth claiming. The cashback offer works straightforwardly. You play your favorite casino games with real money. Your net losses then will be computed by the casino. If you accumulate a qualifying amount you will receive a percentage of your losses as cashback. In some casinos, the cashback bonus has no wagering requirements. You will be allowed to withdraw the amount upon claiming.

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