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5 Steps to Launch Your First Email Marketing Campaign

Here are the 5 essential steps to create and launch your first email marketing campaign to improve the overall ROI of your online business.

The automobile industry was forever revolutionized by American industrialist Henry Ford when he created his historic model-T in the first quarter of the twentieth century. Ford took special care for the advertisement for his model being published in all the prominent newspapers throughout the USA.

He was a shrewd businessman who knew the importance of advertising and marketing in making a business successful. His company grew, sales rocketed, and he became one of the wealthiest persons in America. Since then, the business world has advanced in ages, but marketing’s importance has not decreased a bit but has increased, especially in this highly competitive world.

Additionally, with the advent of the online sphere, the need for marketing has skyrocketed even more. Statistics show that people spend on average more than two hours daily online. There are over 3.5 billion users globally, a figure expected to surpass 4 billion by 2025.

So this vast market can be used effectively used by any business for advertisement and marketing through email. Email marketing provides a wonderful opportunity to access this digital world, so today’s industry is highly enthusiastic about it.

Here are some steps to create your first email marketing campaign

Build your list of subscribers

First of all; you need to have a subscriber list. You can make a subscriber list by collecting your existing customers’ emails or randomly getting so from people through surveys in either online or offline format. But make sure you take permission from the concerned persons for sending them advertisement mails because in some countries it is illegal to send advertising mail to a person without the consent of the person.

Define the goal of your campaign

It would be best if you had a definite goal in your email marketing campaign. Whether you want to increase your sales or whether you want feedback for your product, the plan should be clear in your mind, and you should be efficiently using your email marketing campaign for so. Similarly, you should be clear in expressing the mail. The mail should not be ambiguous for the reader to understand.

If it is a sales mail for your product, it should speak about your product clearly, about its advantages, about its specialty, etc. The email should be passionate in its style and should create a perception that it is just the product the reader needs. But one thing is to be remembered that the mail should not be an insane sales pitch; rather, it should be such that it generates some value and engagement for the reader.

Choose an email marketing service provider

It is to be remembered that the business is the real important thing and advertisement (whether via mail or in other media), is to support the business. So at any point advertisement should not hamper the business work. However, managing the email marketing campaign is tricky. A lot of works are to be done in email marketing. Collecting the mail ids initially, sending the mail, maintaining the database, etc. Even the timing of sending the mails is essential. Statistics show that people are more active in the late afternoon.

So it is better to send the mail at that time. To maintain all these things in a coordinated manner, it is better to take the help of an email marketing service provider. There are a lot of email service providers in the market like Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Aweber, convert kit and others. A service provider can automate the email sending process and can use data analytics, and web crawling to know what your customers are interested in, and send advertisement mail to them accordingly. It can also keep a record of mails send and thus can help you analyze the progress your business is having with the help of email marketing.

Craft your email message

The final part of an email marketing campaign is crafting the message. The mail to be sent should be crafted skilfully such that it brings optimum results. For the mail to be effective, some strategies might be undertaken as follows-

First: Your mail should be short and to the point. People nowadays don’t have time to read lengthy emails.

Second: Email should be good in design and format. Clumsiness should be avoided. Clumsiness means the writer is trying to hide something. That impression should not get into the mind of the reader.

Third: Email messages should be arousing interest in the mind of the reader about the product. A funny picture can serve the purpose very well.

Fourth: The mail should have a catchy subject line. If the subject line can introduce interest in the reader’s mind, then the chances are high that the reader will read the full mail.

Using the above steps email marketing might help bring new growth and prosperity to a business organization.

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