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7 Things That Can Spoil Your Camping Experience

When we are planning camping we are usually excited about the future trip, new experiences and good memories we will get. However, every camping trip is a unique thing, so it is worth making some preparations to ensure you would have a really great time and nothing can spoil it.

The more you know about possible troubles you may face, the better decisions you can make to minimize any related risks and be well prepared for future camping. With each new trip, you will get a deeper knowledge and skills, which would help you to eliminate many problems, based on your experience. Thus, to make your path easier and assist you to avoid negative experiences, let’s consider some of the most popular troubles and mistakes, which can make the camping experience not so good.       


Condensation in tent is a common thing, no matter the season there is. You can go for a trip on hot summer days with no rain or even clouds in the sky, but the next morning when you wake up you may see it. The problem with condensation is not only about uncomfortable feelings you may get by accidentally touching the wet tent’s walls, but also it may cause harm to your health. If there is high humidity, and your tent fabric is not well protected from such a thing, all of your clothing, as well as your sleeping bag can also suddenly become wet. And here is a risk to your health as you can catch a cold. Thus, always pay attention to the tent fabric before you buy it, and also make sure that both your clothing and sleeping bag remain dry while you are on a trip.     

Ill-fitting shoes

Calluses and blisters can significantly spoil all your camping by causing continual uncomfortable feelings and pain. The main reason behind these is ill-fitting shoes. While you are on a trip it always means a lot of walking before you find the best location for your camp, and also once you set a tent, as people do not usually go on a trip to be near a camp all the time. So, it is a key task before camping to select a suitable pair of shoes that are well-fitting for you. Shoes that are tight, too hard, or just rub your feet only in a certain place are not an option, as the more you walk, the more discomfort you would get, which makes things harder. Thus, if you are not going for a trip in winter, fall, or bad weather, it would be preferable to take a pair of runner sneakers instead of boots.    

Too much stuff

Taking too much stuff in your bag is a common mistake a lot of beginners make. If your backpack is very heavy you can easily run out of stamina, especially if there is a long distance you should walk before setting up a camp. Being tired even before camping starts is definitely not the best option to have a great time. With every new camping trip experience, you would know better which things are necessary for you, and which of these you can leave at home. The most general mistakes people make are:

  • too much clothing
  • too many foods
  • too much stuff (like tools, equipment, etc)

Bad camp location

Finding the best place for camping is already half of the success. The location you are going to should be both comfortable for staying there for some time, and safe. Thus, when you are searching for a place, consider possible ways of water flow in the case of rain, also ensure there are no lonely trees or power lines close to your camp to avoid any risks. A great option is to choose the location that has already been used by someone for setting a tent. Also, ensure you are 50 meters (164 ft) away from any water sources and avoid lowlands in valleys to reduce condensation and significant temperature gaps.  

Contaminated water

When you are going camping, always ensure you have enough drinking water you can use before setting up a camp and finding another source of water. Also, it would be preferable to take some water filters. The main thing you should remember is not to drink water from unknown sources, as water from a river, lake or source may cause harm to your health, such as provoking dysentery or parasitic infestation. However, you can use it for washing and personal care. 

Ignoring the weather

When you are planning a trip, the weather conditions in the location you choose is one of the main things you should take into account before you go to be prepared and put yourself out of weather-related risks. Besides, do not forget that in mountains or near ocean shores there is always a possibility of unpredictable and rapid weather conditions changing. Thus, make sure you have warm clothes, a raincoat, and an additional pair of shoes.     

Not enough space

Having a spacious tent will help you to make your camping more comfortable. It is worth choosing a tent that is both suitable for the location and weather conditions in the place you are going to visit, as well as has enough space for your gear, sleeping, and living areas. If there are 4-8 people in your group, make sure your tent would be comfortable for everyone, as during a long trip it may significantly impact the experience everyone may get. You can find the best 8 person tents which have enough room for a bigger group of people to make your camping successful.

Every camping trip is about a new and unique experience, thus you can’t fully plan it from the start to the finish. However, these are some of the common things that can spoil a lot if you do not pay enough attention to them. The key to a great camping experience is to avoid such mistakes, as once nothing bothers or tires you, you can feel free and enjoy your trip!    

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