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A step by step guide if you are planning to study abroad

Each and every student at some point of time in life dreams to study abroad. There is no harm in pursuing such dreams but following them does not lead to success in life. But the task of opting for education in another country is not an easy task as it sounds. The dream of studying abroad and enrolling for a course can turn out to be a lengthy one that may be a concern to the parents along with the students. It is better to seek professional help in the form of a consultancy to study abroad. But when you plan out this approach in a systematic and well thought manner the possibility of success is at the higher end. So as to help the students in the process there is a step by step guide that you can follow

Proper research is important

Starting off the process it is important that you conduct proper research. You have to research everything in proper and research everything that seems pertinent from the viewpoint of planning to study abroad. Check out the universities that provide these courses online and which are the place where the educational institutions are located.

Some of the other areas to focus are the scope of research, employment, campus life etc. Try to make use of your social media and try to locate people who have educational interest in the line of your interest. It turns out to be a great place to educate yourself about the place where you are planning to study.

Seek out assistance from a counsellor

It is important to be aware whether you are heading in the right direction or not. Educational consultants have a role to play. It is better to book an appointment with an education consultant and seek out their advice. Make it a point that you are choosing a reputed professional for this purpose, better is if a student does have international experience in itself. Various other type of criteria are there for you to consider. An example is a friendly counsellor is going to be of help if they find that the road ahead is grumpy.

Do not forget to ask them a list about the courses that you want to explore in details. They are of help in asking you the right set of questions. It is really important to ask the counsellor the right questions as they can guide you about the process ahead.

Which is the  right time to apply

Once the necessary information has been gathered, you are ready to apply. The counsellor is of help in choosing the right university and they will provide you with a course that you can specialize. So as to make things easy for you a counsellor goes on to choose the desired university or college for the necessary information. They conduct it in such a way that it enhances the possibility of acceptance. When they do this the counsellor is going to comply with moral and ethical standards.

Take note of the fact that the application forms of the foreign students are formulated in such a way that the calibre of the students is revealed. So make sure that you are not doing things in a hurry as all the basics are fulfilled and not staggered in any way.

The phase of selection

Once the university goes on to receive the application, they are going to examine it properly before informing you about the selection. Though the process will be taking a few weeks of your time, for post graduate courses the time frame could stretch a wee bit. In the event of your application form being selected they would be sending an offer and an acceptance letter.

Before giving your nod of approval to the offer go through the documents in details. This is an area where the advice of a counsellor can be of immense help. They are going to guide you on the educational institution where you have received more than a single offer.

Visa application

Once an offer is made, the time is right to be applying for a student visa. Be aware that every country in the world does have their own norms in relation to student visa. There is an own set of rules along with regulations that the students have to fulfil to obtain student visa. It is a vital stage where you may require help from a counsellor

The counsellor is an individual who would make the visa process easy and make sure that all the documents are ready. Some of the documents that you may require are an enrolment residence form, a copy of the passport and a mutual consent form of the parents.


A couple of accommodation modes are on offer. First would be on campus and the second is managing things at your own end. You may have to look for your own accommodation if it is not something that is given by the university. If someone is there local and is known to you then you may stay with them. There are home stays and other places of accommodation. Be aware that the costs of accommodation does vary from one place to another place. Even the costs of accommodation costs along with utility bills may be on the other side.

Flights are to be booked early

Booking flights may not seem to be  a difficult task, but a lot of times people end up committing the mistake. To keep this situation at bay it is better if you book your flights well in advance. After doing this there is a possibility of obtain flights at a cheaper rate. Different country have their own baggage rules so you need to be careful when you are travelling.

By now you may be ready and going to fly. Make sure that the packaging is done properly and do not pack any form of unnecessary staff.

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Uneeb Khan
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