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Four-Step Process in Adding Page Numbers to Your PDF Using PDFBear

The Portable Document Format, most commonly known with its acronym PDF, is one of today’s most used file formats. Software creators made PDF as a displaying tool for electronic documents, compatible across platforms and devices. Most institutions prefer it for their official documents because it maintains the integrity of the file and the transaction itself.

One downside of PDF is its non-modifiable nature. Because it is a displaying tool, you cannot make edits to the file once you receive it. The only way to do so is to ask for the raw file from the original owner, which is a huge hassle, especially if you are caught on a deadline. This also means that it is almost impossible for you to add page numbers to your PDF.

PDFBear: The best PDF modifying tool on the internet

Fortunately, you can add page numbers to PDF without having a copy of the actual raw file, which is through PDFBear. PDFBear is a web-based platform that offers various services related to PDF. Aside from adding page numbers, the website also enables adding texts, pictures, merging and splitting, and even conversion.

How to add page numbers on your PDF using PDFBear?

Convenience is the whole branding of PDFBear. They want to ensure that each and every consumer gets to have the most hassle-free experience, from the time they enter the page until they download their processed version. So, as a manifestation, the website’s creators outlined four simple steps that even the most non-tech-savvy person can follow.

Things you must know before opening PDFBear

One thing that you should note while using the website is that it uses cloud storage instead of exhausting the storage capacity of your device. Hence, you need to secure an internet connection as everything will be done online. This is also an added benefit for you since you avoid the risk of slowing down your device’s performance.

Another thing to remember is that it can work compatible with any platform, regardless of whether it is obsolete or non-mainstream. The website creators conducted test runs across various devices, operating systems, and even web browsers to ensure that they produce a modifying tool compatible with different platforms regardless of its kind or brand.

Step 1: Upload your files on the server

As soon as you open the website, you will immediately notice the elementary-level web design. The creators did this to ensure that even those who do not possess that much knowledge in website navigation can easily explore. This is not like any other website, which can get overwhelming with all the excessive buttons.

Once you are on the website, click the upload files button, then select the files you want to merge directly from your device. The other option includes dragging the file and dropping it on the conversion box. Either way, the website can already get a hold of the uploaded files. You can also already start the merging process. Once done, you are ready for the second step.

Step 2: Wait for the upload to complete

PDFBear will start uploading your file on their server. This process will be the quickest you can find online. In a blink of an eye, the file will be on the website and ready for processing. All you have to do is wait. It is assumed that it will not take too long, considering that PDFBear prides itself on offering its consumers the most convenient and hassle-free experience.

Step 3: Select the position of the page

The third step is left for the consumers to do. Select the position where you want your page numbers to appear. You can do it on the center top part, the bottom right part; it depends on what your head or professor requires. Moreover, it would not be hard for you since PDFBear has a viewer where you can have a clear perspective of the outcome of your file.

Step 4: Click the button and download the modified PDF file

Click the PDF button once you are confident of your page numbers’ placing. You will immediately know once you finish the process, the website will transport you to a download page where you can save a copy of the modified PDF. Other options are also present; you may choose to send it via email or share the link to your social media accounts.

Because the website upholds the highest respect for each individual’s privacy rights, they ensure to protect all the files uploaded on their server using one of the most reliable encryption tools on the internet. More so, an hour after finishing the whole merging process, any uploaded files will be deleted entirely on the server to avoid breaches.


Technology eases the life of every individual on this planet. However, with all the technology there is, it gives us the luxury to choose the most convenient among its kind. When it comes to merging tools, there is no other website or software that can compete with PDFBear. It is the epitome, not just of convenience but also of quality. 

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