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Benefits of FSSAI license for exporters and importers

FSSAI, Food safety and standard Act, 2006, works to improve the hygiene and quality of food, bringing tremendous changes in the food industries. As per the Act, no one is commenced or carry any food business except under an FSSAI license or FSSAI registration. Therefore any food manufacturing, packaging, processing, or distributing unit is required to have an FSSAI license Delhi or registration. 

Central FSSAI food license

The central FSSAI license could be granted to any food business owner who has a large-scale business or has a turnover of greater than INR 20crore annually. Let us know how and why it is mandatory to receive the FSSAI central license or FSSAI export license in India.

Benefits of central FSSAI license

Aware consumers:

In the digital era, customers are getting educated and aware of the quality of food, hygiene and its standard. Consumers are required to have the food which is FSSAI complaint before purchasing any from outside. This allows them to be more confident in product consistency, artificial flavoring, free from toxins, etc. moreover, this also offers customers proof of knowing if there is anything wrong with the given food item. Therefore, there are much lesser chances that food sellers with a food safety license would provide food of bad quality.

Ensure brand image and goodwill:

The FSSAI logo over the food article or website ensures customer goodwill among the food consumers, widely recognized in the food market. Companies managing the highest standards of hygiene are license under FSSAI. So, if you have a food license, you may display the logo over the menu, nameplate, hoarding, pamphlets, and other articles. The FSSAI logos on the food item give the product superior quality to other products. A valid FSSAI license provides the consumer with confidence about the food standards.

Advantages over legal matters:

In general, everyone thought it would be difficult to get an FSSAI food license with numerous problems, including unnecessary documentation and paperwork. Many people consider these works time-consuming. In addition, there is confusion that the FSSAI license fees are significantly costlier. People thought that getting a food license would be the most significant loss for a new enterprise. However, the truth is the opposite. A food license is obtained easily online or through a consultant at a reasonable cost, without much trouble.

Business expansion:

Every new outlet or food company is willing to expand its operations to one and more places and wants to explore new industries, as well as a new customer base. With a valid food permit, growing a business is easier after licensing. Getting load for new outlet may get more accessible or other funding required to run or develop the business further, as it gives the sense of trust to any person; it becomes strength of a company.

Quality assurance:

FSSAI is also liable for setting rules and procedures for the attributed labs quality as per ISO17025. This makes the customer confident that the product is safe for consumption in any aspect, as it adheres to the rules prescribed by the FSSAI authority.

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