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Best Roofing Materials for the Arizona Sun

Arizona gets hot; in other news, the sky is blue, and water is wet. For homeowners, various challenges come with the Arizona sun, including staying cool at home. Elsewhere, another challenge is choosing a roofing material that copes with the heat while also providing durability, a beautiful appearance, and strength. Last but not least, you want to find a roofing company near Phoenix, AZ that knows the climate and understands how materials hold up during the extreme summer months. Out of state roofers, just don’t have the experience or knowledge to make the necessary recommendations that you should trust.

Which roofing material should you choose? Here are some of the best roofing materials for homes in Arizona!

Slate Roofing Materials

Before the American Revolution, slate was the most common roofing material. Although not as popular now, the material is still widely available, and it has plenty of benefits for those in Arizona. For example, not only does it look great, but it also has durability in abundance. One reason that slate is so strong in extreme heat is that all the features combine to stop heat from passing through and entering the home; this includes the texture, color, and thickness. At a time where it’s already hard to stay cool, you don’t need your roofing material allowing heat through too. If you’re looking for professional roofers in Ryde, consider Roofers Ryde for reliable services.

Furthermore, slate is effective because you won’t need to do much in the way of maintenance. On the other hand, slate is expensive, and the tiles are also heavy.

Spray Foam Roofing

While spray foam is a new idea to many in the United States, it has been a reliable partner to some Arizona homeowners for many years. Benefits of choosing spray foam include:

  • Increases the R Value of your home by providing both insulation and reflectivity
  • No gaps or weak spots for the rain to seep through
  • Lightweight nature prevents damage to materials underneath
  • It lasts a lifetime (as long as you’re willing to respray every ten years)
  • It keeps heat away from the home and allows for a controlled temperature inside


While some locations struggle with solar, you couldn’t have a better environment for it than in Arizona. As the world fights to become more environmentally friendly, you can contribute with solar panels. Though solar shingles are still expensive, they could still be considered a roofing solution perfect for those in the Arizona sun. Depending on the brand, the most notable being Tesla, each solar shingle produces between 13 and 63 watts of energy. Solar shingles are easy to install, lightweight and just like ordinary shingles. They are designed to withstand rain, wind, and hail.

The average cost to install a solar shingle roof is between $60-75k. If you have the budget, you can help the environment, save on energy bills, and keep your electricity even if a local power outage affects everybody else in the area.

It should be noted that roofers are not licensed to install solar shingles as they fall under the electrical category. Solar companies have their electrical licenses and are trained at roofing installations.

Concrete Tile Roofing

If you like the look of tiles, concrete is widely considered the best material for hot areas. Why? Not only are they durable (concrete tiles can last up to 50 years), often they are designed in such a way that allows air to pass through which in turn keeps your home cooler. Concrete tiles also can be dyed and come in a large variety of colors. 

Metal Roofing Materials

When considering roofing materials, many people think that metal is the worst option for warmer climates. In reality, the reflective nature of some metals means that it works well. Additionally, metal is strong, it withstands heavy winds, and its durability should allow it to remain strong for many decades. One positive of choosing metal is that you can choose a style and color that matches the rest of the property.


Finally, although there are some durability issues compared with other materials on this list, the shingle is still a good option for some. For both businesses and residential properties, Energy Star Rated shingles can keep the temperature cool inside. Shingles are easier to repair, thus saving you money. It’s easier to spot a roof deficiency causing a leak compared to tile roofs. They are lighter weight and can be installed on almost any home or building. Shingles come in a variety of colors.

When going for this material, make sure you hire a professional service because the installation process is critical for longevity and quality performance.

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