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Best Tattoos for Men

Choosing tattoos for men to inscribe on your body is a hard decision to make, but getting the tattoo design is more challenging. First, tattoos are permanent, have different meanings, and can be a way to display your personality. Although most people look at the images, there is more to that.

Researching the tattoo before you have it permanently drawn on you helps you know its previous and current meanings. It is hard to get rid of a permanent tattoo, so if you do want to get to this stage, do your research well. You can also check a variety of symbolic tattoo ideas and see those that fit your character. Here are some tattoos for men ideas to try this year.

  1. The Egyptian Ankh

Egypt is a culture-rich country and that is why we have decided to start with this Egyptian tattoo for men. The Egyptian ankh was worn mainly by the ancestors. The signs symbolized eternal life in the underworld that existed after people died. Today, it is mainly associated with the god of the sun.

  1. Scarab Beetle

How big do you like your tattoos for men? The scarab beetle can fit on your back, chest, or forearm perfectly. The tattoo is another ancient Egyptian sign that symbolized creation. The scarab beetle rolls a ball of dung, and people saw this as a way of creating. You can use it today to show people that you want to create your routine.

  1. Bear Tattoos for men

The bear is mighty, which is what this tattoo symbolized to the ancient people. However, although these characteristics of the bear have not changed with the 21st century, its meaning has changed. Today, people use this tattoo to symbolize the desire to return to nature.

  1. Wolf Tattoo

If you are a lover of wild animals, you can have the wolf tattoo drawn on your arm. The tattoo portrays the wearer as a protector and guide. Other people use it to symbolize intelligence and courage, or the call of the world.

  1. Endless Knot

The endless knot was widely used by the ancient people. This knot does not have a start or an end, and it is a perfect way to describe eternity. People also wear it to show that they have or are prophesying a happy and long life or the cycle of birth and death.

  1. The Christian Cross

Are you religious and want the world to know how much you like your religion? Ask your artist to tattoo the Christian cross on your hand, back, chest or leg. The tattoo represents the Christian and Catholic faiths. Besides religion, the cross can also be used to mean contradiction. It spreads on the four sides without stopping.

  1. Wheel Of Dharma

You can have the wheel of Dharma draw on you with eight or twenty-four spokes. The image has a lot of history for the Indian religion. You can use it to symbolize the virtues necessary to live, or a ship’s wheel, which is a non-religious meaning.

  1. Eye Of Horus

The eye of Horus is common among the Egyptians because it is their symbol for protection, healing, and care. Other people use the tattoo for other meanings, and you can wear it to match your personality.

  1. Phoenix

Phoenix is a strong bird, and its tattoo represents rebirth, transformation, and renewal. Other people use it to show the challenges they went through to get to where they are now. However, more meanings for the phoenix tattoo are coming up.

  1. Trinity Knot

The trinity knot tattoos for men have many meanings, and they all depend on the person’s religion. For example, Christians believe that this tattoo represents three Persons; the father, son, and holy spirit. To them, the knot shows that these three are joined, meaning they are one. Other people use this tattoo to symbolize the world’s three elements: the earth, water, and air.

  1. Viking Compass

Ancient people used the Viking compass to symbolize a safe passage through wind and rough weather. It was used when hailing from Iceland, and it was a unique symbol to guide the bearer even when they did not know the way.

Source: How to Care for a New Tattoo.

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