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Buyers Guide – The Best Fairy Lights for Trees

Buying fairy lights for treess is no longer as easy as it seems. You need the perfect lighting that suits your house décor, budget, and the right color you want to spark in. As the lighting experts Fusion Lighting say” Perfect lighting is important”, and our Buyers Guide will help you decide which one to choose. Let’s begin!

What are Fairy Lights?

The most commonly used tree decoration lights are fairy lights. They are long yet little and bright enough to fill the room but don’t cause any irritation to your eyes. The perfect blend to soothe the atmosphere. They can be easily wrapped around the tree, depending on how big it is, yet hand from the branches.

How Many Lights Do You Need?

Depending upon your tree size, the number of lights you would require would surely differ. So let’s look at some of the common tree sizes and how many bulbs are required to light them up.

If you have a:

  • 6-foot tree, you would need 1000 to 1500 bulbs.
  • 7-foot tree, you would need 1500-2000 bulbs
  • For an 8-foot tree, you would need 2000 to 2500 bulbs.

Check your tree size and pick the fairy light which matches the length and bulbs to go around it.

How to Pick the Best Color?

The right colors are extremely important when picking up lighting. It can fill life into the room or just disrupt it. In addition, every tree needs a different color of lighting depending upon its surroundings. This would truly add personality to your tree and your room in general.

Warm White: If you need a warm and cozy vibe to your room, warm white lights are your pick. These carry the warmth of a welcoming, which creates a friendly ambiance in general.

White: Plain white lights can look great, too. You get a classic and solid look out of them. Just see if their brightness can be changed to not become a distraction.

Multi-colored: These are amazing lights that let you choose different colors. Some lights are simply multi-colored, and some let you change the color with a remote. So pick the one you would like. Overall, they have a much more festive touch to create positive and playful vibes.

Ice Blue: These lights do wonders in winters because nothing fits the Christmas theme more than these little ice blue lights.

Top Selling Lights

Here are some of the top-selling lights that you can consider for your tree:

Prextex Christmas Tree Lights – Highly rated. Comes with 100 lights. White light.

LED Warm White Lights – Top seller. Comes with 1,000 LED lights. Different modes to choose from.

Koopower LED Battery Operated String Lights with Timer – One of the best lights in current times. Battery operated. Weatherproof. No cables or power supply is required. Has a timer to turn itself off.

Recesky Christmas String Lights with Timer – Great reviews. 19 feet long. Waterproof. Battery operated. 50 bulbs. Eight light modes.

Mini Globe Warm White LED Lights with Smart Control – Energy saving. 200 LED bulbs. Mobile operated. No wires are needed. Different patterns to choose from.


We have listed what kind of lights are in the market and how you should pick the ideal one for your tree. Every customer has a different taste, and you should look for options that suit your vibe. Hope this helps. Wishing you a bright day ahead. 

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