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Turf Prices – How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost in Australia

Artificial turf is available in different varieties in the markets of Australia. You may choose according to your requirements. For example, you need it for making a small play area, a lavish green lawn for your office, or a party lawn for your home. The price of artificial grass depends on the quality of synthetic grass, softness, shape of blades, volume or density of grass, color, durability, and technology to keep it versatile in all weather. So here is a guide to turf prices, made after consulting industry experts like Sydney Lawn And Turf

Choosing Turf According To Your Specific Requirements

It depends on your desire and needs when it’s a matter of covering your outdoor area. Opting for the most inexpensive turf might not always be the best choice, as it should also satisfy your needs. Suppose you are willing to choose natural turf. In that case, you need to take expert advice for lawn solutions, as it depends on the climate, soil, amount of sunlight, or shade, to grow a natural and beautiful lawn. On the other hand, if you are a greenery lover but could not manage a natural turf for any reason, then artificial turf is the best alternative.

Why Should We Consider Artificial Turf (grass)?

Your wish to have a green lawn that can’t be carried away for different reasons can also be fulfilled by considering artificial grass for covering your lawn area. Some of the advantages of synthetic grass are as follows:

  • Artificial grass requires very little maintenance as compared to natural turf.
  • There is no need for pest control, and thus it is eco-friendly.
  • The artificial grass available in the market is mostly safe for your kids and pets.
  • There is no requirement for watering the grass or fitting water sprinklers. Thus, it saves water consumption and even your time.
  • Artificial grass is best for people who love to sit on grass lawns but avoid it because of allergies.
  • Artificial lawns can be put according to your choice and needs, like dog areas, sports lawns, or luscious green lawns for parties and sitting areas.
  • The maintenance cost of the artificial grass is very less than the natural grass in the long run.

How To Choose From Different Artificial Grasses Available In The Market?

There is a variety of artificial grasses available in the markets of Australia. There are two types of synthetic grass available, one is of higher quality, and the other is cheaply manufactured. Ensure that you select certified lead-free and durable grass containing soft blades. This will make your lawn last for years without any damage caused by running or playing with your kids or pets. The best quality of the grass is made up of special technology, which keeps it cool even in hot, burning summers.

On the other hand, if you choose a very cheap affordable option, you might end up getting it damaged very soon and need to be replaced quickly. In addition, low-quality grass has stiff blades that might hurt your children and pets.


You may get the best quality of artificial grass made in Australia for around $20 to $49 per square meter. However, the installation price is not included in it. You need a base of crushed rocks and crusher dust (80-100mm), pegs, glues, etc., to secure the grass to the surface, weed, mats, and other materials, for installation. So pick the best one after considering all the above points (Save this if you want). Hope we helped!  

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