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Review: Clash of Clans Fall Update in October 2020

Hi chef! You have been waiting for this for a long time, and it happened! The Clash of Clans Fall Update has finally arrived. As always, it brought a lot of changes, additions, and novelties to the game. Throughout the past week, the developers have been actively receiving official information about what will be new in this update, and now it’s time to put it together in a full review. Make yourself comfortable, we begin.

New Super Troops

There are various new super troops in Clash of Clans Fall Update. Check it out below the image.

New super troops

Super Minion

The Super Minion is an enhanced version of the regular Minion.

Compared to its regular version, the Super Minion is significantly FATTER; this is one of the biggest improvements in the game in terms of HP boost. The Super Minion has 5 times more damage per second than the normal minion, 15 times more health, and occupies 12 spots instead of 2.

Super Minion 1         Super Minion

One of the main disadvantages of this unit is that it can activate aerial bombs and air search mines, while a normal minion only activates aerial bombs.

Super Minion Special Ability: Long Shot

The special ability is similar to the radioactive minion from the Builder’s Village: when the super minion is released, it makes the first five attacks from a greater distance, while dealing with additional damage. And this is a pretty long distance.

The increased attack range makes the Super Minion probably one of the best units for clearing certain buildings at the beginning of an attack, in order to prepare the correct approach or to destroy a certain defense so that it does not annoy during the attack.

The firing range during the first five hits is so great that neither the Inferno Towers, nor the Air Defense, nor even the Town Hall with the Queen of Archers can reach it.

Super minion Characteristics and Obtaining

To strengthen your minion and turn him into a super warrior, you will need 60,000 black elixirs, the Town Hall of level 12 and above, and the minion itself at least level 8. The buff lasts 7 days.

Level Damage per second HP Training cost Training time Housing Space Upgrade cost
Eight 350 1400 66 Black elixir 18 sec 12 60,000 Black elixir
Nine 375 1500 72 Black elixir 18 sec 12 60,000 Black elixir

Super Valkyrie

The Super Valkyrie is the newest unit to be added to the ever-growing Super Troops roster in the Fall 2020 Update. Like its slightly less evil the regular version, Super Val also has an impressive ax, which helps to keep the fast pace of its devastating attacks, like a hurricane vortex.

Super Valkyrie 1 Super Valkyrie

Her attack and gameplay are similar to those of a normal roll. She enjoys leading an attack, quickly approaching enemy buildings, and positioning herself in a location where she can hit multiple targets at once, dealing with 360-degree splash damage while spinning her massive double-sided ax.

Undoubtedly, she is expected in Valhalla!

Super Valkyrie Special Ability: Farewell Memento (Long Shot)

Not only does the Super Valkyrie do more damage, the moment she is destroyed, she drops a rage spell, allowing other friendly units to take advantage of this spell’s effect. The radius of this rage is less than that of a regular rage can, but still, just imagine the scale of destruction caused by a chain of super Valkyries, when each of them drops its rage and strengthens all the remaining units.

Super Valkyrie characteristics:

Compared to regular rolls, she is about 50% stronger (fatter), deals 50% more damage, requires 20 spots instead of 8, and moves a little faster, about 20%.

Level Damage HP Training cost Training time Housing Space Upgrade cost
7 250 2000 475 Black elixir 3 min. 45 sec. 20 60,000 Black elixir
8 300 2300 550 Black elixir 3 min. 45 sec. 20 60,000 Black elixir

To strengthen your Valkyrie, turning her into a super warrior, you will need 60,000 black elixirs, a town hall of level 12 and above, and level 7 of the Valka itself. The buff will last for 7 days.

New levels for TownHall 13

In the coming autumn update, additional levels of buildings and troops have been added for players with level 13 of the Town Hall, and more walls for improvement have become available. So, so to speak, do not get bored! And then you probably already relaxed, right?


  • An additional 100 wall segments can now be upgraded to a maximum level (14). High!

New Building Levels

Building Names Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time Damage HP
Archer Tower 19 16 million Gold 16 days 134 1600
Hidden Tesla 12 16.5 million Gold 17 days 140 1200
Building Names Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time Troop capacity HP
Military camp eleven 16 million Elixir 16 days 75 800

New Troop Levels

Troops Names Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time Damage HP Training cost
Giant ten 15 million Elixir 15 days 72 2000 5,000 Elixir
Witch ten 15 million Elixir 15 days 245 250 4600 Elixir
PEKKA nine 15.5 million Elixir 15 days 680 6700 32,500 Elixir

The most interesting thing about these ups is, of course, the new level of bonfires. Thus, the maximum number of troops by 13 increases to 300, which will definitely make changes in the game and provoke the emergence of new attack strategies.

Clash of Clans Fall Update: Changes and Improvements

Super Troop RechargeRemoved 7-day cooldown after using the Super Troop buff! Thus, you can now use the same super warrior as many times in a row as you want, without waiting for the 7-day cooldown period that was previously required. It is hoped that as the number of super-warriors grows, players will have more incentive to try new combinations of armies.

Supercell IDAs requested by the clashes community, the Supercell ID team has worked hard to add several new features to improve the usability of Supercell ID.

Now you can:

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • customize a name for each of your Supercell ID accounts
  • Add profiles and profile pictures. Time to find the best kitten photo
  • Add friends to your Supercell ID and play all Supercell games with them
  • See who from your friend’s list is online and which Supercell game they are currently playing


Age verification for new accounts
New US accounts created after the Fall Update will ask for your age information. Players under the age of 16 will be identified as young players and their accounts will have the following features:

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • Supercell ID will be unavailable. We hope to introduce a special, youth-friendly version of Supercell ID in a future update
  • Clans with such young players will have a stricter moderated clan chat. Profanity and personally identifiable information will be removed if found in the clan chat
  • Players will be presented with a confirmation pop-up if any link attempts to take them outside of the game (for external links)
  • When a player reaches the age of 16, the above features will be removed for him


Heroes !!!

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • Heroes will now always guard the village and will automatically regenerate after the end of the attack. The corresponding hero mode switch will be removed


Siege machines
[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • The attack will no longer end prematurely if you have an unreleased Siege Engine


Builder’s Village
[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • The Artificial Intelligence of the Radioactive Minion has been improved to reduce the randomness of their initial attack position
  • Clock Tower acceleration will no longer pause during preventive maintenance, as preventive maintenance does not affect the progress of the builder’s village


Skins[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • New rendering technologies will allow for cooler special effects generated by troops, such as attack strikes, smoke effects, etc
  • Fixed bugs when weapons were displayed incorrectly and crashed into the geometry of other objects


Friendly wars
[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • Added the ability to make the preparation time 5 minutes and the wartime 45 minutes


Interface and engine
[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • The For You tab has been removed. The Community tab already contains the latest content from Clash content creators with helpful videos of strategies and guides and should be sufficient
  • The game engine can now display multiple spell effects at the same time (combinations of heal, jump, rage, poison, haste, freeze, clone, shrink, etc.)


Troops and Spells

As the developers say, “As part of our ongoing and endless quest to make Clash of Clans the best game ever, we constantly review game balance to make sure the game remains fair, yet challenging and fun.” This update has not been without changes and balancing of troops and defense.

Wall Breakers

Wall Breakers can now use jump spells!

The Artificial Intelligence of Wall Breakers has been improved to make targets more consistent, reducing the likelihood of them attacking different parts of the walls upon release.

Some of the damage from Wall Breakers’ attacks has been moved to the burst damage of Wall Breakers on death (similar to Super Wall Breakers) to make them more predictable and able to complete their mission, given the maximum Laboratory level for your Town Hall level:

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • 1 Wall Breaker will destroy a wall while under a rage spell
  • 2 Wall Breakers will destroy the wall up to level 9 (TH level 9 and below)
  • 3 Wall Breakers will destroy a wall of level 10+ (tx 9 and above)
  • 6 Wall Breakers will destroy a wall of level 10+ (thx 9 and above) if they die in the immediate vicinity


Electro Dragon

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • Electric Dragon’s Chain Lightning will now hit targets with the most hit points if multiple targets are at the same distance


Siege Barracks

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • The number of sorcerers leaving the level 4 siege barracks has been reduced from 12 to 11. They are said to be tired and need rest


Super Archer

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • Super Archer will no longer miss targets within 0.1 tiles of her. Have you missed anyone?)


Flame Dragon (Super Dragon)

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • Flame Dragon’s beam no longer works during its flight; however, the switching time for higher damage (warm-up time) has been reduced


General changes to flying units

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • Improved intelligence for all flying units. They no longer retarget when Hidden Tesla appears if their current target is better


Skeletal spell

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • The number of spawned skeletons at each level has been increased by 1


Air defense towers

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • The health of level 8 air defense towers (Town Hall 10) was increased by 10 hp, which made them more resistant to hits from a thunder spell


Additions and Bug Fixes

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • A unit that has not been unlocked will not be available in friendly trials while the barracks that opens that unit is upgraded. However, the use of already unlocked troops remains possible even when the barracks is being improved
  • Improved timer accuracy for Strength Potion and Hero’s Potion
    Fixed an issue in the database editor that caused the save to fail when overlapping elements
  • Added a new mission in Seasonal Challenges, in which you need to collect stars in a friendly challenge in the home village or the village of the builder
  • Fixed a sometimes incorrectly working penalty for 24 hours (gray shield), imposed on you when you leave a quarter in one clan and go to another
  • Removed the Current War button when viewing War History during DEX to avoid unwanted observers
  • Fixed showing the remaining time of friendly challenges in the builder’s village in the clan chat
  • Set Some issues with 3D animation to make it smoother
    Fixed a bug with calculating the distance of the jumps of the Electric Dragon chain
  • Fixed the miner’s attack animation, now he deals damage at the same time as the shovel blade hits the target.
  • Set a problem with the debuff of troops when they are attacked by the Huntress
  • Solve the attack animation of the Airship’s projectiles. Previously, they were aimed at the ground but exploded in the air over the target


Clash of Clans Fall Update Release Date

The 2020 Clash of Clans autumn [su_highlight background=”#f74df4″]update was released on 12th October 2020[/su_highlight] at about 15:00 Moscow time.

And our review has come to an end. In addition to this update, Halloween was launched today, which you can read about in detail here: Halloween in Clash of Clans Fall Update 2020.

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