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How The New Wall Breaker Works in CoC

The Wall Breaker, aka the bomber we all know and love, has undergone major changes in the latest update to Clash of Clans. Let’s take a look at these changes and find out how the new wall breaker now works.

Damage on Destruction

The most significant change we see when looking at Wall Breaker’s stats is the addition of Damage on Destroy (lethal damage). But what if the purpose of the bombers was always to explode and die anyway?

Starting with this fall’s update, Wall Breaker deals with 2 types of damage: Damage and Damage when destroyed. The mechanics are somewhat similar to the damage of the Super Wall Breaker.

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  • “Damage” is dealt by Wall Breaker, which successfully reaches its target (usually a wall) and undermines itself. Simply put, killed yourself against the wall – received the maximum damage
  • Damage on Destruction is dealt with when the Wall Breaker is killed on the way to the target, ie. When it has not reached any segment of the wall


Even though both wall damage is multiplied by 40, as you level up your Wall Breaker, lethal damage starts to get significantly lower than normal damage. So it’s important to hit the walls to deal with significant damage.

Features of the new Wall Breaker

Here are the updated Wall Breaker stats:

Level Damage Damage on destruction Destruction to walls Destruction when destroyed against walls HP Training cost Elixir Upgrade cost Elixir
One 6 Six 240 240 20 600
Two ten nine 400 360 24 800 100,000
Three fifteen Thirteen 600 520 29 1000 250,000
Four 20 Sixteen 800 640 35 1200 750,000
five 43 Twentythree 1720 920 53 1400 1,750,000
Six 55 Thirty 2200 1200 72 1600 5,500,000
Seven 66 ThirtySix 2640 1440 82 1800 9,000,000
Eight 75 42 3000 1680 92 2000 12,000,000
Nine 86 48 3440 1920 112 2200 14,000,000

Jump Spell on Wall Breakers

Wall Breakers can now jump over walls when using the Jump Spell! How safe is it? Well, if just running around with a bomb isn’t dangerous enough, now they’ll also jump over walls with it while being within range of the jump spell.

This is a fairly significant change, as it will now be easier to get inside the enemy village with Wall Breakers. Now they can easily bypass the outer row of walls and continue running inside the base.

Is this a good tactic? Practice will show. However, the longer the Wall Breaker has to run to detonate any segment of the wall, the more likely he will die en route.

Despite the fact that they now do damage when destroyed, it is recommended to still only use them on the first level of the village walls and save the Jump Spell for the second and third levels. Inside the village, they become very easy targets for many defensive buildings such as Giga Tesla, Giga Inferno, Normal Multi-Inferno, and Sorcerer’s Tower. However, running long distances will also make them more vulnerable to long-range defenses such as mortars and eagle artillery.

New Wall Breaker Against Walls

The number of Wall Breakers required to break down walls depends on whether they hit the wall and explode, or they were killed on the way and only deal with fatal damage.

6 top bombers will break through the strongest wall, even if part of them dies before reaching it. In any case, this change in Wall Breaker damage makes it more understandable and reliable, and therefore more useful, especially in tactics with the preliminary clearing of heroes (lava balls, etc.).

Read about all the changes this fall in the special review: Clash of Clans Fall Update in October 2020

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