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How to Create the Perfect Simple and Modern Bedroom

For most people, their bedroom is a sanctuary, where they can enjoy their own company and relax by doing this they enjoy- whether that’s watching TV, playing video games or reading a book. It’s a space that reflects personal style, incorporates your favourite colour scheme, materials and patterns- a place of positivity in which you can unwind.

When it comes to selling your property, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms for prospective buyers. They need to visualise themselves existing in that room and using it as a functioning space. In order to do this, undertaking a minimalist and simple approach to your bedroom design is a good idea. Modern bedrooms don’t have to be cold and stark and are instead pared-down and sleek in design, which creates a polished finish that’s appealing to prospective buyers. If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?”, then renovating the bedroom is a great place to start. For more advice and design ideas to create the perfect simple and modern bedroom, We Buy Any House have compiled our top tips.

Tip #1- Neutral Walls with Colour Furnishings:

A neutral colour scheme for walls in a bedroom is a must if you’re aiming to achieve a simple and modern effect. Neutral colours such as white, ivory and beige are compatible with most people’s taste and add a modern and timeless feel to the wall. Additionally, a neutral colour scheme makes the room appear bigger, tricking the eye into thinking that the room is larger than it is.

Adding furnishings in colours such as mint green or pastels on items such as bed linens add an accent of colour to the room and provide a pleasant contrast.

Tip #2- Maximise Natural Light:

Remove fussy window dressings to encourage a better amount of natural light to flow into your bedroom. Natural light creates a fresh and airy feel to the bedroom, rather than artificial lighting which can sometimes seem suffocating. Whilst you’re there, open a window and let in some fresh air! Replace your old blinds with a more elegant touch, such as wooden Venetian blinds or plain drapes.

Tip #3- Make It Open Plan:

If you’re planning on upping the budget for your bedroom renovation, then consider making the room more open plan by removing some of the unnecessary walls in the room. Having a more open-plan bedroom accentuates the modern and simplistic elements of the room. If your budget is large enough, consider adding an en suite bathroom to make the room feel that little more luxurious.

Tip #4- Add Natural Materials:

Nothing creates a more modern and simple aesthetic quite like including natural materials in the home. Incorporating wooden features in the bedroom (such as a headboard or bedside table) is a great way to enhance the design of the room, as wood is a steadfast and classical material to add- that adds just enough warmth without being too overwhelming.

Tip #5- Declutter:

If you want your bedroom to scream simplicity, remove the clutter! Embracing a sense of minimalism means removing the amount of clutter you have- which will help you create a simple and modern aesthetic. Decluttering the room and having a mixture of small and large accessories as focal points is a great way to for the room to still have significance and a presence.

Tip #6- Change the Bed Frame:

If your bed frame is outdated or looking a little worn, then think about upgrading it for a more modern and simpler bedframe to go with the modern and simple aesthetic of the room by checking out Isaak. Whitewood, low rise and pallet design beds are some great options that are simple to construct and help to create a modern and simple feel to the room.

Tip #7- Lighting:

Modern bedrooms rely heavily on lighting choices. Think about using more yellow-toned lighting that sits dimly, to enhance the modern feel of the bedroom while creating a romantic ambience. Bedside lamps and lamps that mount directly onto your headboard with concealed wiring give off a contemporary feel.

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