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Data Science Course and Certification a Land Full of Opportunities

Data’s significance is recognized by everybody now. If it had been even 10 years back, no one would have thought of this enormous shift of power. The data is all around us just like some other gas. It’s undetectable but present. But there’s no value to data as it is. Here’s where data science & all its algorithms come in that really give some value to it.

Data Science is after all using data in creative & different ways so that it gets a number of business values. It truly makes data more of a product that is all set to be sold. The entire Data Science is based on utilizing data as an input and then processing the data with the support of complex data algorithms to get the essential results. There are several applications associated with data science. Let us see what they are.

Applications of Data Science around us

One significant application used is the recommender systems that are used in several websites. Be it any E-commerce site or some video sites like YouTube. Suggestion systems use the input data & then produce the recommended results using the algorithms. One more example can be seen in your social media sites. The picture recognition part where we can truly tag people is actually based on data science. It provides suggestions as to who the individual is and even tells their name.

Why Data Science?

With each passing day, the sum of Big Data is growing giving rise to the requirement of management and processing of this big data, and Data science gains its significance from this requirement. With 2.5 quintillion bytes being created every day, the ability to organize this set gives one an added benefit. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are looking for professionals, raising the job vacancies in the field. The power of Data science is across all main industries like healthcare, economics, retail, chemical, agriculture, media, etc. Data science certification courses can be done after pursuing a computer science course and degree program.

Job titles provided by Data Science

Some famous job titles presented by Data science are:

Data Scientist

The position of a data scientist or masters in data science is to handle raw data using appropriate techniques. They are necessary to be knowledgeable in the programming language of R, Python, SAS, SQL, MATLAB, Hive, Pig, and Spark. Data scientists are experts in Distributed Computing, prognostic modeling, Math, and Machine learning.


Their role is to expand, construct, test, and sustain the architecture (such as databases & large-scale processing systems). Data engineers are capable in Database systems (SQL & NoSQL based), modeling & warehousing solutions. They are hired by companies Spotify, Facebook, &.Amazon.

This Masters in data science training course will offer all skills required to master data science besides Big Data, R programming & Data Analytics. Unlike R programming, Python is used more for a common purpose. As part of this preparation, statistical study and development of machine learning is integrated. By the end of this course, one should be capable of taking data-driven decisions punctually.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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