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11 Popular Digital Marketing Jargon Everyone Need know

The company you are working for has a language called jargon, Similarly, digital marketing has a language called jargon. Now we will talk about these jargons you have skills, tools, and well mindset but you still don’t know what is the digital marketing language, it’s not good. Let’s take a look at the popular digital marketing jargon.

11 Popular Digital Marketing Jargon

Conversion Rate

Often you heard that conversion rate should be good or mostly “call to action word” used with this. it’s not a difficult thing, conversion rate means when you post something on YouTube or Facebook, you will see a red color button on YouTube which we call “call to action”. That is, the company that posted this video on YouTube wants people to subscribe to their channel.

People who subscribe to their channel are then converted from video viewers to their potential clients. According to Future Views, we connect the call to action button with conversion rate to see that the has conversion rate has increased or decreased?

Engagement Rate

The second concept is “engagement” means how many comments, likes, and shares did you get on the video you posted? Through this, you check whether the engagement rate of your post was good or not.

Impression & Reach

What is the impression? Count the number of times, a post/ad has been displayed regardless of whether it has been clicked or not is called an impression. What is Reach? Count the number of people who have received your impressions is called reach.

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Affinity is low use in digital marketing but it is an important jargon. What does affinity mean? This means Topic, pages, interest’s customers like other than your page. It is very important when you do research about the customer that you find out what the customer is interested in and which pages he likes.

Trending Topics

The topic of trending jargon is very important within digital marketing. You must know that trending Topic refers to which video or post is getting the most viral these days.


What does sentiment mean? The sentiment means “Emotions”, you must know that what are the customer’s emotions? This word is often used in the digital marketing community. How you will know the emotions? The answer is simple; you can know through comments.

Owned Media VS Paid Media

This is also a popular jargon that is used in digital marketing. Paid media means you are showing your ads on other sites through giving money. Owned media means you are showing your ads on your own site.

Social Media Influencers

Social media influences” means those people who are popular on social media. Most of the time you will see Facebook or YouTube whose content is seen all over the world that sometimes funny content and sometimes emotional. So some companies use social media influencers to spread their advertising to the public. That’s why when people are watching it, it becomes easier for the company to reach out to most people.


The keywords are the correct key to your website, the concept of keywords is very important in SEO. Remember that whenever you talk about SEO, you will hear the word “keyword inside it.

Meme & Viral

Meme and viral are two words that are becoming common among today’s generation and most of the youth generation is using it.

A meme is not a very difficult thing, often you will see a funny picture on Facebook and with something written below it we call it a meme and viral means to be popular, that is, a picture that has become popular is viral.

Analytics or Historical Data

Finally, we will talk about analytics and historical data, a lot of people will talk to you about whether it should be analytics, let’s bring data analytics, tell about the consumer through analytics. No problem, it means all the data that is lying on the social media platform or website related to your campaign. That is, the data that is related to what you do is called analytic, which you use to do future planning.


So you talk about the different jargon and different languages in this article. You have to remember it so that the next time you communicate with any company, you know what these words mean and the company knows that you know about the tools and have skills and it also knows our language.

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