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Do people still pay their electric bills offline?

Some practices are not easily changeable. Hence, it is true that people still prefer to wait in queues for electricity bill payments. As per a survey held in Vijayawada, the main city of Andhra Pradesh, more than 40 % of citizens still prefer the conventional method of electricity bill in their nearby electricity center. During covid times when government officials promoted online bill payment, a large population still felt more secure with offline bill payment. Rather than debating offline or online, it would be more beneficial if you try to understand what is actually stopping you from adapting to this advancement. Read further to know more about the topic.

Why do people still prefer offline electricity bill payments?

The main reason is the misconception and fear associated with online electricity bill payments. Due to increased online scams, people are cautious about using online apps, especially for financial transactions. According to a report, 3,596 cases were reported in March 2022. However, if we analyze the evidence of the cases, a fall is seen from the user’s end. Lack of knowledge about online platforms also encouraged fraudsters to exploit users.

According to a source, inconvenience with online bills is also a reason. Consumers also complain that sometimes they receive bills for the months that they have already paid, and authorities demand a hard copy of the electricity bill to resolve the issue. Authorities, on the other hand, state that they are taking all the measures to promote digital payment awareness and appeal to consumers.

Every individual has reason to either stick to the old method or adapt to the change. However, if you are interested in exploring online bill payment, then it is high time to face your fear.

What are the safety measures while online bill payment?

Gain awareness: It is better to seek knowledge if you are a beginner. Today you can find information on various trusted platforms or ask your family and friends. You can also seek help from toll-free numbers where the representative will guide you in every phase.

Strong Passwords: Experts suggest creating strong passwords and do not share your OTP or password with anyone. If possible, try to reset the password periodically. If you receive fraud calls asking for a card number, pin, or OTP, inform the authorities without delay.

Two-factor authentication: To lower the risk of hacking, the consumer should turn on SMS-based two-factor authentication for a PGVCL electricity bill payment.

Secure internet: Use safe internet connections for online payments. Avoid using public networks to pay when you are in public areas.

Trusted apps: Use only trusted digital platforms, such as MobiKwik, for the transaction. Today you can find many fake applications in the play store. Hence, it is essential to check the app information before downloading. You can also seek information from the electricity board on online electric bill payment options.

Myths about online payment

Online payment has a higher risk of fraud

Many people believe virtual payment carries more risk of fraud. However, it would be astonishing to know that the traditional payment method has a higher risk of fraud because the electronic payment system is encrypted. Hence, no sensitive details are stored on your device.

Online payment holds the risk of payment errors.

Online payment eliminates the need for intermediates. Hence, the payment credits are direct to the service provider’s account & you receive the transaction receipt immediately. In case the payment fails, you have transaction evidence. Therefore, your money will be safe.

Which are the safe online bill payment options?

Consumers can visit the official website and pay the electricity bill via various payment methods. For example, for Telangana electricity bill payment, you can visit their official website, provide your consumer number and make payment via debit/credit, UPI or e-wallet.

The consumer can also make payments via MobiKwik, one of India’s largest digital payment platforms. It allows users to pay utility bills for gas, water, and electricity. In addition, MobiKwik allows users to pay electricity bills across the nation. Hence you can make a Telangana electricity bill payment, PGVCL electricity bill payment, and many more.


Offline or online, both have pros and cons. However, it’s up to you to find the best but do not let your fear stop you. But yes, online payments are the new smart! Moreover, it’s a lot more beneficial than an offline PGVCL electricity bill payment and others. So, try it now, confidently!

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