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Does getting an infection with head lice mean that the person has poor hygiene?

Pediculosis is prevalent in all countries, regardless of economic development. Anyone can encounter head lice almost anywhere – at the mall, in the underground, at school, at hairdressers, and the cinemas. Fighting lice is painstaking and not particularly pleasant.

Children are most often affected since lice are spread in organized groups. Another risk group is family members of children who have brought in lice, and if lice are not detected immediately, it may soon require free time and assistance to combat the parasites. Lice are not only endemic in children’s institutions but are also prevalent in social shelters, old people’s homes, and more, so if you were in close contact with the infected ones and interested in lice treatment, look for lice treatment near me on the internet. 

Lice are transmitted very easily and quickly. It can occur when one person is near another or wears the headgear, hairpins, earpieces, and other accessories of a person whose head is infested with lice. Cuddling, and using the same pillow are also factors in the transmission of lice.

It is a myth that head lice occur on dirty heads. It makes no difference to the parasites which head to drink blood from. Pediculosis is usually caused by a lack of personal hygiene, which is why most people think that only asocial people can get head lice, but studies have shown that lice like clean hair and are not afraid of water. Pediculosis can be transmitted as long as lice or eggs remain alive on a person’s hair or clothing. The cause of head lice can’t be pathological changes in the body, internal diseases, bad ecology, or stressful situations.

The main causes of head lice are lack of personal hygiene, close contact between a healthy person and a person infected with head lice, living in conditions of complete insanitation, which is just the ideal environment for rapid reproduction of parasites, sharing hats and other headwear, as well as combs, hairpins and so on with the infected, using in public saunas, baths towels and other items that have not been carefully treated.

Everyone can be exposed to the risk of lice infestation under different living conditions. There is a big number of sources and risk groups where the likelihood of infection is particularly high.

Factors that increase the risk of infection include: bathing in public pools and pools with standing water without a swimming cap, staying in dormitories, and hotels (without regular treatment), visiting beauty salons and hairdressing salons where the staff do not hygienically disinfect their tools and the frequent use of crowded public transport;

Lice feed on human blood. During a bite, the saliva of the insect penetrates through the wound. It contains special components that prevent blood clotting. Louse saliva is a powerful irritant, perceived by the human body as a foreign compound, and causes a natural protective reaction in the form of redness, inflammation, and itching.

Pediculosis causes severe itching of the skin, sleep disorders, and nervousness. Pyoderma often develops at the bite sites. In children, lice often cause allergic reactions, accompanying diseases that are accompanied by a rash, swelling, and exudation. If lice are parasitized on the eyelashes and eyebrows, signs of conjunctivitis and blepharitis occur.

The treatment package for head lice today is radically different from what it used to be. It is no longer necessary to shave your head (unless you are allergic to all existing preparations, which is very rare). It is also not advisable to use extreme folk remedies. They’re not at all reliable, but you’re much more likely to end up with damaged hair, a bad smell, or even poisoning.

There are many experienced lice removal agencies now. If you are living in the Tampa, Houston, Indianapolis, or Los Angeles area resident dealing with a lice problem, you can use LiceDoctors. Founder and hairdresser since 1985, Janine Heard founded LiceDoctors in 2004 as a lice treatment and counseling service. A member of the health care team will come to your home and help you.

There is only one service in the state of Tampa that handles lice removal and it has certified doctors. They use only natural remedies. They work 365 days a year, day and night.

Are you in the Houston area with a lice problem? LiceDoctors operates under the guidance of a board-certified. You need not fear lice.

Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana in the United States and has about one million inhabitants. The number of adults and children affected by lice infestation increases every year. LiceDoctors will take care of your health. The doctors save you the time and effort of picking up the kids and driving to a lice treatment center.

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