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How to Keep Your Dog Free From Ticks and Fleas

Perhaps the most common issues we have had with our furry companions include dealing with ticks and fleas. More often than not, we have multiple encounters with these pests that span the lifetime of our canine buddies. In extreme cases, ticks and fleas have caused some owners to lose their beloved dogs due to medical complications. As ticks and fleas are now a year-round concern, owners are called to be more active and mindful as regards prevention and treatment. Here are a few tips that you could do to keep these pests away:

Keep your pets clean

The most basic step in effectively dealing with ticks and fleas is to regularly bathe your dogs. Thorough bathing has shown efficacy in getting rid of pests that cling to your dog’s body and fur. Note that there is no need to use special pest shampoo or any shampoo with special ingredients. Instead, use regular pet shampoos and thoroughly go through your dog’s fur to ensure that every nook and cranny is properly washed and rinsed. However, in some cases, when the infestation is severe, you may need to seek professional help from a veterinarian who can provide treatments like a veterinary ultrasound machine to diagnose the issue and prescribe the appropriate medication.

Clean your house and surroundings

Ticks and fleas easily spread by laying their eggs all around the place. Once you have observed that your dog has been infected with ticks and fleas, be sure to expect that these pests have already laid eggs around your area. At this point, it is generally a good idea to thoroughly clean your house, especially in the spots where your furry friend often prefers to stay or lay down. Additionally, you may temporarily isolate or block that specific area in your house where your pets usually stay to ensure that ticks and fleas would not infect your dog the second time around.

Be mindful of where you take your dogs

Walking your dogs is generally a healthy habit. However, as a pet owner, it is critical that you become mindful of where you take your dogs to walk or run. As such an active type of animal, dogs tend to go anywhere without regard to the cleanliness or sanitation of that area. Dogs may traverse tall grasses, trash piles, fallen branches, and other places where ticks and fleas are commonly found. In order to prevent infection, be wary of where your dogs play around and try to keep them in clean walkways or paths whenever possible. Moreover, after every walk, it is a good practice to clean your dog’s body and paws to make sure that nothing has infected your pet.

Be proactive when it comes to your dog’s health

Waiting for your dogs to show signs of tick and flea infection may prove to be too late. As such, it is generally advisable that you proactively employ measures to prevent disease in the first place. Primarily, you may regularly run a flea comb through your pet’s fur to check if any pests may have infected them. Secondly, it also helps to use a tick and flea spray after every bath to keep your dogs smelling good and safe from pests. Finally, be religious about your dog’s regular veterinary check-up. No one is more suited to assess your dog’s medical condition than those professionals who are specially trained for the job. Never hesitate to visit your local veterinary clinic for your regular checkup and be sure not to skimp on any medication or prescription they require. 

If you reside near major cities, you are sure to find veterinary facilities all around your area. The best vets in Virginia Beach, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and other cities are more than willing to help you with providing the best medical services to your pets. Always remember that owning a pet is not a one-time affair, but a life-long commitment where their needs must be provided much like everyone else.


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