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Email deliverability as the key part of the Sales sphere: can a spam test help improve it?

Defining email deliverability: the importance of never ceasing to test email for spam

Every salesman has to learn a lot before moving further into the sphere of customer outreach. What is it for the sake of which every spam test is run? Of course, it’s email deliverability. In fact, the thing can be given a quite simple definition. 

Email deliverability is how many emails from the number of those sent out by some marketer’s sales team reach the recipients. A reliable and powerful spam test always helps to count this percent precisely. Suppose it shows that only about 25% of all of the user’s e-letters end up in the recipient’s spam folder. Thus, it’s easy to count the email deliverability rate which is 75%. That’s definitely a considerable result. But when you test email for spam and see that the percent of emails having failed to reach the recipients’ inboxes is too high, that’s a reason for worrying. 

So, join us in our analysis of why email deliverability is important where we dwell upon:

if the thing is really this important for the sales field;

how deliverability affects marketing;

why care about email deliverability in the first place;

how to easily optimize email deliverability. 

Email deliverability crucial for sales? It definitely is! Test email for spam to keep it high

The more users test email for spam and email deliverability issues, the more they can find out about the current state of things considering their campaigns. But is this really worth time and effort? Let’s dig into the matter a little more deeply. 

Email deliverability isn’t a bit less important than lead generation, though, the latter is probably a more complicated process. A thorough email deliverability (spam) check can help to reveal which emails haven’t reached the recipient’s primary inbox. Accept the fact that these e-letters aren’t likely to ever be opened. Deleting an unopened email isn’t something out of order for the user on the recipient side, but the marketer will know that his email deliverability is sure to slowly go down if this happens. Each of the emails you send is put to a test: spam or not spam? There are many reasons why an e-letter can look suspicious. What is important is not only the outcome (your email in a spam folder) but the reason for that too. This way every marketer makes his cold outreach better. 

Email deliverability affecting: test email for spam not to lose profit

How come we know so much about deliverability, spam and the sales sphere in general? Our experts from Folderly are people with considerable knowledge and experience in such matters. There’s nothing surprising about it for Folderly is a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins.

What does the success rate of email deliverability depend on? To improve one’s email deliverability, one needs to understand how important the human factor is here. The more effective a marketer’s sales team is, the more correctly each process is organized and scaled. And of course, the more significant the outcome of such wise actions will be. 

Besides having a good sales team and possessing grand software to test one’s email delivery rate, it needs to realize potential consequences email deliverability can drag along. Let’s take a look at those aspects.

1) Losing investments. 

It’s undoubtedly understandable that if a user’s software for lead conversion doesn’t carry out its purpose, it’s money down the drain. 

2) Customer relationship management. 

Every sales team takes a lot of effort, does a considerable research job to make a sales lead bring in profit. Every time your email hits a Spam folder, it’s time and energy wasted on the side of your sales staff.

3) The role of SDR. As it’s well-known, the SDR is responsible for the lead research. The lower the conversion rate is, the quicker your people’s interest in the job will become noticeable. 

Test email for spam for the sake of email deliverability: is it really important?

Hopefully, we have made it clear that cold outreach and b2b emailing success directly affect one’s email deliverability rate. It was mentioned how deliverability affects businesses in a bad way. But there’s also the other side of the coin, isn’t there? Thus, it’s high time we discussed the pros of high email deliverability. 

1) The higher deliverability is, the more income there is. 

A good email deliverability rate means that the number of a user’s B2B prospects and sales leads is quite high. Each of them means more income for the company’s campaigns. 

2) Improved inbox competition. 

The email traffic growth’s speed is impressive indeed. The majority of ESPs do their best trying to ensure that no spam harms their users. As a good marketer, you should know how important it is to ensure the frequency of his cold emailing and his content’s getting into the recipients’ inboxes ahead of the competitive businesses. Make sure that you’ve got the best b2b-related provider on your side. 

3) The enhancement of consumer experience. 

Customer experience is another crucial aspect the email deliverability rate depends on. See to it that your sales team makes the content in outcoming emails maximum appealing and that the cold emails encourage prospects to get engaged in your company’s services. 

Email spam check and other effective ways to optimize deliverability 

Users who don’t want another B2B sale lead to slip out of their sales funnel, are never afraid of taking a complex approach when optimizing deliverability. The main steps on the way to optimized email deliverability are:

-optimizing domains;

-optimizing IP address settings;

-optimizing content;

-optimizing frequency.

Let’s analyze the points in detail. 

1) The majority of sales emails come from the same address having a company name at the end. The point is to warm up the domain well enough to prevent the emails from this domain from ending up in the Spam folder. Using trustworthy domains should be the main modus operandi here. 

2) As for IP address optimizing, the principle is the same: choose trusted ESPs, stick to safer Internet routes. 

3) How does one optimize content? Your sales team has to come up with such content which will encourage prospects to engage into the services you offer. Don’t be pushy but show that you care about your sales leads’ needs. 

4) Optimizing frequency? It’s rather a technical aspect. No good will come out of sending huge bulks of messages; therefore one has to consider the e-letter limits and frequency at which they are sent out. Don’t push the ESP into considering you a spammer and blocking your domain for good. 

Concluding on email deliverability optimization: test email for spam, use best strategies

Email deliverability is much more important than one may think. It hugely affects the success of b2b campaigns. 

On the whole, easy but effective steps can be taken for email deliverability optimization and increasing this rate.

1) A good spam email checker (like the one from Folderly) has to always be at hand. The checker allows for revealing potential issues and helps to build up an effective optimization strategy.

2) Optimize all the major aspects mentioned above. Their health means a satisfying performance for each of your business campaigns. 

This is Robert William, the content contributor on blogili.com. Working with different sites as a content writer.

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