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Everything you must know about buying commercial refrigerators!

Are you looking for ways to increase your production and sales? Do you want to store a lot of fruits and make milkshakes from them during the off-season? Buying a commercial refrigerator is all you need. There are many types of fridges to satisfy all your requirements like the skope fridges. A refrigerator is a piece of essential equipment required in industries like food factories, retail food outlets, pharmacy-related stores and many more. They serve many purposes like preservation of raw materials and final product and for display. The display of food materials attracts more customers, especially in bakeries, and many retail store owners prefer them for this purpose.

Commercial fridges are cheaper compared to domestic fridges. They prevent the last-minute stress of buying your raw materials. You can buy them in bulk and preserve them in the refrigerator. The prime parts of the refrigerator include a compressor, evaporator, coil and condenser. The compressor is the heart of the cooler. The process revolves around transferring the heat of the food to a cool refrigerant to keep the food cold.

Things to consider before investing in commercial fridges

1. Type of refrigerator

There are many varieties of refrigerators to choose from. The type of refrigerator to buy totally depends on your requirements. When you want to display those new and interesting flavoured milkshakes to your consumers, you can choose the upright open display fridges. When you want to preserve your bulk amount of raw materials, choose from the walk-in types, the merchandiser or even the reach-in types.

If you run a restaurant, you may want the refrigerator and the workstation provision together to save some space; choose the appropriate worktop type. When you want two different temperatures, go for the dual temperature fridges. So make sure you buy a refrigerator that satisfies all your requirements.

2. Space

Before deciding on the refrigerator type and its capacity, you must check the space available at your station. Sometimes you may want to go for bulk volume, but the available area may be limited. Also, while calculating the room required, consider including the clearance area. The fridge needs a clearance area for air circulation required for good working efficiency.

3. Shelves

One has to organize the commercial refrigerator for a hassle-free and quicker reach of materials. Racks make it so much easier to manage your refrigerator’s contents. The shelves may be raised or lowered by removing and replacing them in different positions. A lever on certain refrigerators allows you to adjust the height of the racks.

Wire shelves are a prominent option for holding pots and pans of food. Other refrigerators come with appealing glass shelves that are ideal for merchandisers. Some glass shelves are curved at both sides to avoid spills and liquids flowing down to the bottom shelves.

4. Door alarm

When your employees are busy working, they may leave the fridge door open. It can lead to a lot of loss in energy and can increase your power consumption bills. You can include an advanced sensor alarm to avoid these problems. The sensors detect a problem when the door is left open for more than the fixed amount of time. If the system detects that a door has been left open for an extended period, an alarm will alert you to close the door.

5. The compressor

 Many fridges like the Skope fridges provide options in the form of the compressor. Check that you get the appropriate compressor mounting when you shop for a commercial fridge. If your ambient temperature is cold, you can choose a top-mounted compressor; if your ambient temperature is hot, you can have a bottom-mounted compressor.

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