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6 Types of users are classified according to their class

Following the introduction of e-cigarettes into the Australian market, there has been a significant shift in the proportion of traditional tobacco smokers who now use e-cigarettes. Many individuals found it more practicable due to the more appealing E-liquids from brands such as Charlie’s Chalk Dust, among others. In Australia, the number of people who use electronic cigarettes has increased from 9 per cent in 2016 to 11 per cent in 2019. Many of these smokers are long-term tobacco users attempting to give up their habit. The world of e-cigarettes is vast, and having a thorough understanding of the subject will be beneficial. Several manufacturers and stores provide a wide range of vaping equipment and E-liquids to choose from in Australia. Reading this essay will assist one in making an informed decision on which one to choose.


The vaping devices designed for beginners are much simpler to use. Several manufacturers in Australia sell starting kits of vaping devices for those new to the hobby. It enables the individual to comprehend the fundamentals of vaping and the many functions of the vaping gadget.


The intermediate-level vaping devices are a little more complicated than the devices for beginner-level vaping. Additionally, the machines have several advantages that make them more convenient to use regularly.

Modern features like adjustable wattage control, a puff counter, a battery status indicator, and so on are included in these electronic cigarette devices. It enables the usage of a variety of various kinds of E-liquid.

Vaping devices are classified into many categories.

Cigar E-like is the most basic vaping gadget available at the lowest price. It is more akin to a cigarette in size and form. Most of the time, they are one-time-use gadgets that do not have any features or controls. Tobacco smokers like to use this special equipment. The device’s size and design make it easy to carry about in your pocket or bag.

Pod mods are the most technologically sophisticated refillable vaping devices. These are appropriate for both new and experienced users, and the gadget allows for the use of various E-liquids. These are far bigger than the typical pen-style or E-cigar-style vaping devices.

Box mod: The term “box mod” refers to the boxer design of these gadgets. Because of the somewhat more significant body of the gadget, larger batteries may be used for more extended periods. Furthermore, these devices will offer a variety of functions and will be suited for persons who are already familiar with the use of vaping devices. The sub-ohm vaping and improved temperature management of the machine allows for more effective device usage overall.

E-juices are available in a variety of flavours.

Electronic juices (E-juices) are the most critical components of a vaping machine. E-juices come in various flavours and varieties, allowing the user to experiment with them. There are other producers, such as Charlie’s Chalk Dust, that provide a variety of flavours of E-liquids from which to pick.

The most often seen flavour types in e-juices are as follows:

Various flavours of imported e-liquids are now available in Australia in multiple flavours. International: Fruits, candies, and different other flavours are included.

Local: As the popularity of vaping grew in Australia, local producers began to develop E-liquids in various flavours to meet the demand.


Fruits are a viable alternative for many individuals, especially those just getting started. There are a variety of fruit flavours available, such as grapes, watermelons, and so on.

Choice of favourite candy flavour: Choosing vaping devices’ favourite taste and texture is also a good alternative. It will enable the user to experience their favourite candy flavour while vaping for a more extended period.

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