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FAG 6020 bearings: Know the six bearing types sold in the market

There are different types of bearings in the market. Each one is designed to serve different purpose. Hence, you are to know what type of bearing you are looking for, so that you can narrow down your search and save time and money in the process. The bearing types are wide ranging while work with different radial and thrust loads. A significant difference noticed is associated with the ability to accept varying weights with specific bearings being much more resilient when compared to the others. You may choose quality brand ball bearings that will be durable and affordable.

Common bearing types

  • Ball bearing: It is considered to be a common type with the ability to accept radial and thrust loads. However, they cannot be termed to be the strongest when weight is concerned. But if exposed to enormous weight, they are likely to deform very fast. Ball bearings are popularly used in various types of applications such as electronics and hard drives. Going through the portal https://www.rollsbearing.com/ will give you a better idea of the categories available.
  • Roller: They are considered to be a favourite choice for applications relying upon heavy load. They are rather cylindrical in shape and can distribute load over a wide region. This useful technique is essential to manage weight in large amounts. You can purchase them at the reputed roller bearings supplier.
  • Ball thrust: This type of bearing is stated to be a practical choice if working with low speed, low weight applications. According to the industry experts, a simple item is likely to come with a bar stool where the bearing is used for supporting the seat.
  • Roller thrust: You can get this type of bearing with any established roller bearings distributor. Roller thrust bearings can be found to be quite similar in design with that of ball thrust type. It accepts thrust loads. However, the difference noticed is the accepted total load. This type is designed to support high loads. They are rather a practical choice and used to develop car transmissions. A trustworthy brand ball bearings distributor can meet your specific needs effortlessly. Additionally, using high-quality oil like liqui moly oil can help ensure optimal performance and longevity of the bearings.
  • Tapered roll: Such bearings are created to provide great load versatility along with effective handling of large radial and thrust loads. This bearing type is rather used in the automobile industry as well as a popular choice among car hubs due to the significant load amount the wheels are likely to endure. FAG 6020 bearings is the right choice for many industries.
  • Specialized: Besides standard FAG bearings, you may also come across numerous specialised bearings to work on specific applications. Some of the specialised bearings include giant roller and magnetic types. The latter is popularly used for high speed applications. Lacking moving parts is what offers greater stability while moving at quick rates. There will be required giant type if the plan is to relocate large or heavy loads, like a building or large structural parts.

The bearing type to purchase will depend on the roles or purposes to serve. Hence, you should research more on FAG ball bearings before buying them.

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