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Famous Cricketers: Top 5 famous cricketer players in the world

Famous Cricketers, Top 5 famous cricketer players in the world. Do you know who is at first? List of top 5 famous cricket players to help your cricket betting. In this article, we will intro to famous cricketers in the world.

  1. Imran Khan Famous Cricketer

Imran Khan Cricketer

Imran is one of the most successful all-rounders in the world and the most successful captain from Pakistan. His leadership was a key factor in bringing the 1992 World Cup victory to Pakistan. He is one of the eight cricketers to score 3,000 Test and 300 Test wickets in world cricket history.

Imran, who was named to the prestigious Oxford University English Medal of Honor, won the “Best Western Player of the Year” award in the 1976 and 1980 ” Wetheral Cricket Club Award”. He was also awarded the Wisden Player of the Year 1983. He was named one of the Top 9 Leaders in the World by the Global Post of 2012.

Imran Khan
Imran Khan

Imran Khan, better known as “Lion of Lahore”, is currently a major figure in Pakistani politics.

Imran, who has a Test-winning percentage of 29.1%, said:

“If he had looked at the current Pakistani team, he would have been a much better team than they are today.”

  1. Graeme Smith Famous Cricketer

graeme smith cricketer

He was only 22 years old when he captained the South African team. His leadership helped to resurrect South African cricket in a number of political circles. He is one of the teams that has defended apartheid and racism, so their cricket is strong today.

Smith led the team in 109 Tests, winning 53 of them, with a 48.6% winning percentage. He is the captain of a team that has led the most Test matches and the most wins.

Smith, who captained the South African team in South Africa’s 434-run match, is nicknamed “Biff” in what is arguably the most exciting match in ODI history.

Graeme Smith
Graeme Smith

Before he was captain, South African captains only suspended a Test innings when they knew they were not going to lose. But he was the one who took the South African cricket team to a bold, aggressive brand of cricket. This is how the legendary Michael Vaughan commented on Smith.

  1. Ricky Ponting Famous Cricketer

Ricky Ponting cricketer

Cricket fans know him as an aggressive and aggressive player. But he can be described as a player and leader who has overcome tremendous challenges. As the only player to have won more than 100 Tests as a player, he has led the Australian captain in 77 of them, including 48 victories.

Ponting is also the highest ODI player to score 262 runs. He was the captain of Australia in both the 2003 and 2007 World Cups.

He has scored 41 centuries in Test matches at 62.3%. His impulsive behavior inherited him because he had a thirst for success and was essential to a leader. He was nicknamed “Punter” because of his passion for gaming (a legal hobby in Australia).

Ricky Pointing
Ricky Pointing

“It is unquestionable that Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara should be ranked third among the greatest batsmen in modern cricket.” Ponting was called by world-famous cricket commentator Ian Chappell.

  1. Steve Waugh Famous Cricketer

Steve Waugh cricketer

It was under his leadership that the 1999 World Cup was handed over to the Australian team. Steve, a strong-hearted middle-order batsman, is the brother of Australian opener Mark Waugh.

He was perfect in captaincy, leading 57 Tests and winning 41 of them. This represents a unique value of 71.9%. In 2000, he was awarded the highest honor by an Australian. He was also awarded the ‘Australian of the Year’ in 2004 for his outstanding work not only for cricket but also for charitable causes. We remember that he once did that in Sri Lanka.

After a failed start to the 1999 World Cup, the Australians lost two of the three matches and must win the remaining 7/7 matches. Under his leadership they did this by defeating some powerful groups.

Steve Waugh
Steve Waugh Stats

He was nicknamed “Ice Man” because he was resolute in any stressful situation. His specialty is that he plays the role of a leader and a player almost always in order to win the team.

Judge Billy Bowden called him “the world’s most admired cricketer.”

“I think when the ball hit the edge of his bat (at the request of an overhand ball) he returned to the stadium without any hesitation. He may have been overturned in the cover zone or fired in the middle of the wicket, but there is little chance he could have covered the ball with his foot cover or let the ball slip.

  1. Clive Lloyd Famous Cricketer

clive lloyd cricketer

He is the leader who has revealed to the world that white supremacist cricket is not just for the whites. Every year during the 70s, he was able to show confidence in the West Indies cricket team, which had made bowlers and bowlers fun for white-skinned cricket teams and showed the strength of the game to the world.

Having traveled across many islands in the West Indies and looking for the real talent to join his cricket team, he gave some great resources to world cricket. Vivian Richards, Gordon Greenidge, Malcolm Marshall, Michael Holding, Joel Garner, Andy Roberts are just a few of his findings. Can you think of the strength of that team?

He traveled around the world with those guys and dumped some of the “white pride” in West Indian fastballs. He led his team to victory in the 1975 Cricket World Cup and the second in 1979, winning a total of 11 Tests and conceding an unbeaten record of 27 Tests.

His domination continued to dominate world cricket for two decades. Lloyd was also the fastest batsman with a Test winning percentage of 48.6%.

clive lloyd
clive lloyd stats

He is known as ‘Big C’ and is a real giant in cricket.

An incident that occurred during his playing for Lancashire, according to Cricket Country Web magazine.

“It is rare for a batsman to be accused of damaging property on the bat. Lancashire Cricket Club was horrified when Lloyd batted for the Lancashire team and was struck by an electrifying six-footer near the home of a woman next door. That was because she had lodged a complaint with the police that her property was being damaged.”

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