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Most Secure Houses: Top 10 Most Guarded Houses

Most secure houses in the world. Do you know which one is the most secure house in the world? Why people need secure houses for a living?

People are afraid of being famous for their pigs, and fame comes at a price, as is wealth. Once you are famous, you get almost no privacy, your life is in danger, and people are always spying on you. Once you build a building, you must protect it from illegal intruders. Also, you can prefer Home Safes that keep your precious thing safe in your home.

Ten most heavily guarded houses in the world.

  1. Field manor (Most Secure Houses)

Field manor

Hamptons are the favorite place for the rich to spend their holidays. They spend all their money here. They must also take some precautionary measures for safety. Feld Manor is one of the safest homes in the area, owned by billionaire Ellard.

The estate itself is worth $ 200 million and is one of the most expensive real estate in the United States. Leonard spent most of his wealth by collecting art, and most of his beloved works were hung around his estate.

The best paintings worth about $ 500 million deserve the best security; the front of the property is a high-tech security door. High-tech means that only those invited can set foot on the ground, let alone building.

It has bulletproof windows and enough security cameras to let intruders think twice before entering. Elleranard is very careful about the safety of his 21 bedrooms, which is a lot of money for him.

  1. Zombie Bunkers (Most Secure Houses)

Zombie Bunkers

Although the end of the zombie has not yet appeared, some people seem to be ready. If a zombie really decides to take over the world, there will be a zombie fort called a zombie bunker. In London, the entire house was built with solid concrete and movable walls, supported by thick iron sheets. Zombie House is the most secure house in the world.

Even the windows were supported by hard concrete slabs. There is a suspension bridge system for entry and exit, which is the only way to enter and exit. If you have to go out, you may have to rehearse first, which clearly shows that the architect does not threaten our safety from any angle. The building is not beautiful, but who can see beauty when zombies come to you? You know what to do!

  1. Bill Gates Home (Most Secure Houses)

Bill Gates Home

Bill Gates seems to be a humble and friendly person, but that doesn’t mean you sneak into his house whenever you want. It is also considered to be one of the most expensive properties in the world because it is owned by software experts, why not become a high-tech building like we predicted! To control his electricity bills, his house is surrounded by trees and plantations, these trees and plantations also give them the privacy of hidden photographers and paparazzi.

In this state of artistic security, he has cameras and heat detectors that can alert any intruder from a mile away. If they have visitors, they must wear a special pin to help them control the heating and electrical equipment around the house. There is no doubt that he lives in one of the safest houses in history.

  1. Kardashian’s Home

Kardashian's Home

After all, the hatred of the Kardashian and Paris events is well known. There is no doubt that Kim Kardashian has strengthened her security wherever she goes. After firing her bodyguard Pascal Duville, she also added security measures around her house without taking any further risks.

Security personnel in the area conducted very strong background checks and only the best were hired. Without pre-approved security measures, no one may enter the property.

Instead of riding in a car, she had dozens of cars outside, and during her handling, she would follow and mix together to ensure that no one followed in her footsteps. Multiple motion detectors and hidden cameras also surround this property. There are rumors that in any bad situation, there is a safe room that can make the house as safe as Fort Knox.

  1. Supreme Security Apartments

The name of the building is not as pretentious as it seems, but it is worthy of the name. The highest security apartment in Evergreen, Colorado is absolutely tightly protected. As the property occupies more than 32 acres, it has a $ 6 million security system that dwarfs almost all other homes.

The best feature of this house is that anyone with an Apple phone can view it and view it through the camera installed throughout the house. The only thing required is the login details and the consent of the security team.

This property has an impressive thermal image, and any traces left can be checked and identified within 20 minutes, so be careful, if you break into this house, you may not go far. Super censors are everywhere in the house, and the house speaks for itself. Letting everyone know from the flood in the bathroom to the fire in the kitchen, accidental or intentional.

  1. Kobe Family Homes

Kobe Family Homes

The Kobe Family House in Hollywood Hills, California is known for its expensiveness and overuse safety. Millionaire residents of the property are protected by biometric software and earthquake prevention technology. Earthquake-resistant houses are common throughout the United States.

If a strike happens naturally, these “brothers” buried their house 30 feet underground. The house can also withstand man-made nuclear and chemical attacks.

There is an underground bunker here that provides enough food and drinks to keep the family for six months. In the case of an intruder, they do not need a cell phone but can call the police with some buttons. They have CCTV cameras that allow them to see the entire house and control the impressive haze to scare away thieves.

  1. Dragon Song House

You might be thinking, in a country like North Korea, who would need a security system; a country called fear itself. If you only wear a pair of blue jeans, you may have to face the death penalty this is another matter entirely. Until now, Longge’s residence was located in the northern part of North Korea, where the royal family lived.

Not only does the palace have the advantage in the deadliest mysterious country, but it also has an impressive interior, said to be the safest place on earth.

Kim Jong Un has done everything he can to ensure his national security. The house is surrounded by electric fences, armed guards, and minefields. The walls are protected with iron rods, and the concrete covered with lead is resistant to nuclear explosions.

In the event of a disaster and rapid escape, the house is connected to other royal residences, also known as “secret underground tunnels”. Also, even if the intruders passed through the gates and guards. God knew what kind of chemicals were waiting in the air when the alarm went off.

  1. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is a popular tourist trap in London, but on the other hand; it is the safest place in the entire kingdom and even the world. Some roads around the palace were closed at each visiting time, and the police took over the area that could not go to ensure that everything went smoothly.

Ever since a guy named Michael Fegan climbed up the building and looked around, precautions were tighter than before.

If you’ve been there, you might see the famous guards changing posts. The guards carried a ring to ensure that no guard would sleep under his eyelids during the night’s calm. This system works like Guard B, Guard B Calls Guard C, and then Guard D, and the ringtone cover the entire property all night.

  1. White House

White House

Did you know that Donald Trump is the most protected president in the world, so the White House also has all the security measures you can or can’t think of?

First, the iron fence around the White House looks ordinary. But it can maintain internal or external influences on any car you can think of.

The property has a dedicated agent at all times to ensure that only friendly visitors can pass through the gate. The food scanning process was very impressive and was done on-site to detonate everything.

The White House also controls limited air space because helicopters cannot be too close, and even if they do. The house also has bullet-proof windows, radar, and infrared sensors that can detect anywhere outside the house or unwanted movement distances.

  1. Kronstadt Fort Alexander

Kronstadt Fort Alexander

Russian behavior is unpredictable. The fort was built to keep those who don’t want it away from Russia’s St. Petersburg. Moreover, you cannot access its properties. There are nearly 40 forts nearby, and among them, Kronstadt Fort Alexandria is the safest place.

Although attempts have been made in vain to occupy the fort, people have given up the time and energy to worry about it because the fort is too safe.

The army installed 12-meter-long piles that penetrated the ocean and strengthened the roof of the house. Not only does the entire security end here, but there are also 5535 of these piles that cannot be overthrown. These piles have more layers, making them even more indestructible.

The first layer is sand, even if you walk through it, the second layer is concrete, and then the third layer is granite. Although it has been abandoned now, this is not a good idea.

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