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How to Fix Ping Problem in PUBG Mobile After New Update 2022

PUBG mobile game is one of the most popular shooting games. After the new PUBG update (New Era), this game is lagging and a pro player can’t play with lag. Why this is happening? Because the PUBG server is down in some countries such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and so on.

On the other hand, the reason for PUBG game lagging after a new update is the ping problem because various apps are running on the mobile background so it’s a case of lagging.

Here we will completely discuss that how to fix the ping problem in PUBG mobile and emulator both. After doing these settings we are sure your PUBG mobile game will not be lag. Let’s discuss the settings.

Fix Ping Problem in PUBG Mobile

You need to do these setting that is mentioned below if you want to play PUBG mobile without lag.

Step No 1:

  • Check internet connection
  • Make sure your internet connection is fast
  • Go into Google Play Store
  • Click on settings
  • Disable the auto-updates apps
  • Disable the auto-play videos

Step No 2:

  • Go into mobile settings
  • Click on notifications
  • Disable all notifications
  • Then click on Battery settings
  • Set ultra-battery performance

Step No 3:

  • Go into mobile settings
  • Hit on storage
  • Clean up your mobile
  • Remove all junk files
  • Stop the all background apps
  • For stopping background apps, you can use the “Greenify” app

Fix Ping Problem in PUBG Mobile Emulator

You know that PUBG mobile can play on pc with an emulator so downloading and installing PUBG Mobile on an emulator is very easy. But the topic is how we can fix the ping problem in the PUBG Mobile emulator (GameLoop)?

If you play PUBG on an emulator than keep reading because here we are discussing fixing the ping problem in PUBG emulator so, follow the following steps that can help to fix the ping problem in PUBG mobile.

Step No 1:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Make sure connection fast
  • Click on the search bar and search “Services
  • In “Services” click on “Window Updates
  • Disable the Window updates & stop

Step No 2:

  • Left-click on “This PC
  • Go into the properties
  • Hit on “advance system settings” then “Hardware”
  • Disable the “Device installation settings
  • Stop all backgrounds apps.

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