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100% working best gfx tool for maximum fps & graphics on Call of duty mobile

100% working best gfx tool for maximum fps & graphics on Call of duty mobile. Guys! If you are reading this article it probably means you’re using a budget smartphone or device. And wish to enjoy or get the best gaming experience from our favorite call of duty mobile game.

Now if that’s your story then I’ve got it covered and even if that’s not your reason just stick around. Because I believe in life there is no information that is a waste. Who knows this information could help a friend, who isn’t opportune to read this or who isn’t opportune to be using a flagship device.

If you know such kind of friend read this so that you can help that particular brother in life helping people really is a great way to extend hands of love. Or show that you care now without further ado.

GFX Tool for Call of Duty Mobile

Let’s get down to the business of today, cover me so I dropped my Redmi note 8 a couple weeks back. I know too bad and crashed my screen so I had to revert back to my old MCs which is a mid-range device.

But even though outdated it runs on the Android 6.0 marshmallow with 4Gb of ram and also having 64Gb of internal storage. It’s running the call of duty mobile on this device wasn’t giving me as much gaming as engaging a feeling of excitement as I used to get on the Redmi note 8.

Because with the specs specification that the phone was having I was expecting more but the graphic settings that the game was giving me weren’t really. What I expected it was Paul.

I was having getting low graphic settings and frame rate at medium. So I started looking for a way to hype up the graphics settings of the game to match that of the Redmi.

Now after trying every so-called call of duty gfx tool on the play store. It’s really annoying that none worked and I wonder. Why they keep deceiving people but at last I led them on the walk around and it was an amazing fix. So I decided to share this with the house and also with my fellow gaming enthusiasts in the world.

Guys, please support my efforts by subscribing to my blog even if you don’t find my content interesting just help your brother and subscribe for no reason because though. I just started off I know I will make mistakes because of who doesn’t.

I also focus on bringing to your screens great mobile gaming content especially on call of duty. My dad so sticks with me and helps me up and while you do. I’m most grateful so let’s get down to it now for this you will need an app that is mentioned below:

gfx tool apk for the call of duty mobile

But before going straight to download I will see. I’m still bleeding please help your brother subscribe to my blog just a gesture that really means a lot. Now once you download the gfx tool for the call of duty mobile. I want to get the link that I’ll be dropping for you to go over to any of your favorite browsers for this. I’m going to be using the top 6 browsers and then go to your address bar input to the address that will be given to you.

How to install GFX Tool for Call of Duty

You need to take these steps for installation of the gfx tool for the call of duty mobile game:

[su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#3d902f”]

  • Need to click on my mobile app
  • Then click on go and it opens up the interface
  • Now click on download and select the directory
  • Once the file to be saved allow and it has started downloading already as you can see over here
  • But since I’m already having history there’s no need this is just to show you guys


How to go about it when you cancel this now once that is done you go over to where you downloaded the file and install it.

So what the app actually does once you turn on updates. Just go ahead and open up the application.

Now don’t worry the Chinese writing. I’ll show you guys how to go about uh everything. What you do is already. I’m having all of this you already, added to this app but for you, since you’re doing it for the first time you click on the add button and then go over to call of duty mobile mine is already added.

So in your own case call of duty mobile will appear here because you’ve not added this yet. I want you to do you just click on the add button that is installed and then once it does, it should be in-app. Now you long press on the app and select the first option over here.

You will see it’s already written to the phone but before if you enter the first time to give you the name of your mobile device over here. You just click on this option select the last option here and on this site select the last option over here.

let’s select the f10 or any of your choices you can use the s7 edge but preferably. if you want the highest fps settings to let’s select the s10.

Now once this is done you click on the save button over here and then after all you face using this button also now you go back.

Once you’ve added the call of duty to the app now what you do is after accessing. What you do is you go to your file manager your file explorer or yes I like right now. You’re using now, you’re going to see a folder that has been recently created with the name docker.

You will see over here docker, the Docker folder now you go in now what you do is you see all you since you’re already having the call of duty installed on your phone that is your default on your phone. What you do is first of all you create an android folder in the docker folder.

How to gfx tool works on Android phone

If you’re not having the android folder already created. Now once you create the android folder you create the obb folder and the data folder now goes back to your phone storage and under android go to your obb file and then here is the call of duty file.

You click on this and then copy or move anyone depending on the one you want your copy go back to the docker folder and then paste it in the new obb file that you created inside joker for the android obb. Then you paste, once you paste I already have an expression so that’s no need for this once you paste it.

Go out back to the game and launch the game the game is not going to download the default in-game settings of your Samsung f10 on your phone don’t bother copying the data folder in the android default android folder. Because that will be for your mobile device the game will have to download that of the sm plus. So as to give you all the available settings for the Xbox with that done now go ahead and launch your game.

You’re good to go out and launch the game. If you’re not in the game for the first time, if you require to download some of the in-game settings of the s10 so once that is done.

Your game is going to launch and you have everything ready to go the safe zone is collapsing and as you will see it going to automatically log me in because I’ve already inputted my details.

Now in your own case, you include your call of duty details or using your Facebook account and log into the game foreign.

So let me show you guys what I’m having right. Now once we go to the audio and graphics you will see what I’m having. You are now leaving the shores of finals game space thanks for tuning in please like and comment. If you haven’t already please subscribe to my blog and allow the notification. So we can go together while certain things.

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