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GINA MARGARET TIGER’s Groundbreaking Story to Success


Gina Margaret Tiger, a resilient, hardworking, self driven and ambitious young woman. 

Born African, Gina also known as Gina Tigere or @thatafricangold on socials is a woman with big dreams but did not have it easy growing up.  From cleaning toilets, to washing dishes, and doing several household jobs, from one home to the other. 

At the age of 16, Gina was so eager to pay for her studies at the Cambridge homeschool in Fish Hoek, Cape Town where she studied IT, she went from cleaning houses to working in a local fish and chips store, to selling clothes, perfumes and eventually building websites. Gina’s dream was to eradicate poverty in her family, so she worked twice as hard to make that dream come true. 

Gina’s dream

In 6 months she learnt SEO and how the search engine works and the next year and half, she worked as an assistant to the CEO Allen Jaffe and General Manager Julie-Anne Walsh who is now CMO of Takealot.com. 

Spending time with these two powerhouse, she learnt everything about running a business and understanding the value and ethics required to be successful. 

2 years later she left the company to work with the payment giant ozow.com for 12 months. In 12 months she had the most eye opening experiences, she learnt how to manage client accounts, business acquisitions, social media marketing and the secret ingredient to being successful. 

After working In the corporate world, she decided to start her own agency called Be Digital with the motto “Become Digitally involved this instant”. 

Be Digital with the motto

That was the start of her journey into film and TV production. She decided to focus on her agency and started building her brand gradually ,day by day. 

From being a digital partner with the African Rising International Film Festival – ARIFF, to creating her own high ticket boutique agency, having to achieve all this despite the challenges she faced , this woman deserves an accolade. 

Her journey to digital marketing excellence had her path crossed with Maiquel Tavares who is the founder and CEO of Ojimah. 

A travel tech solution that’s about to change the travel industry as we know it. She currently holds the position as Director of Business Development which invoices new prospects acquisition as well as digital marketing advisory. 

Working with just 2 industries currently, Travel and Entertainment, her goal is to be a MOTI ( Masters of The Industry), she is closely working closely with its founders to achieve this goal. 

Maiquel Tavares

The first 42 episodes are just her sharing her life experience and what it took her to get to where she is today. Her aim is to use her story to help people overcome life challenges. 

The rest of the episodes are with prominent people from all over the world who have attained various levels of success.

You may listen to the podcast via this link. 


This is Robert William, the content contributor on blogili.com. Working with different sites as a content writer.

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