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HEPA air purifier for allergies: Which is the best place in the room to place it?

You may have finally taken the decision to invest in a HEPA air purifier to ensure pure airflow in your home. This way, your family members and pets can breathe in pure air and enjoy being healthy all the time. They will also not fall sick or suffer from bad odour. But after the purchase, the next question will be, “which is the most appropriate place to install it for effective and optimal functioning”? Can they be installed against a wall? You may discuss with the industry experts to know in detail.

Where to install HEPA air purifier for home?

  • Location in the room: It is of paramount importance to ensure that the unit is installed at a good location. According to researchers, space closed to the HEPA air purifier for allergies tends to exhibit better air quality when compared to the space that is far away from it in the room. Hence, it will be wise to place the unit near your bed. Select the unit depending on your room size. Also, keep the unit functioning, but at low speed, if it is much bigger than your room’s requirement.
  • Distance from wall: To ensure deriving superior performance, the HEPA air purifier for pets should be placed against the wall, but on maintaining an appropriate distance. Without giving the proper distance between the unit and wall will mean, the unit’s ability to take in the air gets reduced significantly, thereby offering poor outcome. Placing against the wall will mean you will be able to derive just 5% of the airflow. However, moving 4 cm away from the wall is likely to boost airflow by about 95%. Hence, the distance desired from the wall should be of minimum 10 cm for the unit to function efficiently. Different units come with different inlet sizes. Ensure that your unit’s inlet size is a minimum of 15cm from the wall. It is rather equivalent to an iPhone 11 device height. Shop only at https://www.unbeatengroup.com/ to get quality products.
  • Unit size: Smaller units may run 24/7 without any worry since they consume very little power. But if it is a power-hungry unit, then it will be wise to run it at scheduled times. The best time is when going to sleep. It is sufficient to run the HEPA air purifier for dust for some hours.

Hence, going through the above tips will allow you to know where to place the Air Purifiers for Home for efficient functioning. Do go through the manufacturer’s recommendations thoroughly and follow the specified instructions. This will ensure that any faulty issues arising from the unit in the future can be taken care of by the manufacturer’s warranty. This way, you can enjoy using the unit for a long time without bothering about impure air or associated expenses of running the unit.

You may place the Office with True HEPA Air Filter anywhere in the room from where it can ensure offering pure air as desired.

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