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How to choose fashionable Wedge Heels?

If you are a heel-lover but you like something more relaxing and easier to walk in than stilettos, then wedge heels are the right choice for you. Wedges have an even base along the shoe length from their back to the front. This footwear trend has taken the fashion world from espadrille summer wedges to chic wedge boots. The white wedges are more versatile and can be worn with many outfits. 

Wedge is one of the most relaxed heights boosting footwear and is in every woman’s closet. Being a foot-friendly and fashionable shoe, wedge heels are very famous nowadays. Everyone can find an ideal fit if the wedges are chosen carefully. When selecting wedges, here is what you should consider:


When you are thinking about picking out wedges, you want to think about the height and how often you think you will wear them or for what occasions. Wedges are more restful than regular heels, so go for higher wedges if you are not afraid of a little height.

Wedges are available in a different variety of heights and styles. There is one for every dress and look from the almost flat 1-2” to the ultra-trendy 4” and more. A simple rule for the heel height is lower the heel, the more casual it will appear, and the higher the heel, the trendier it is. For a chicer look, you go with slightly higher heels up to 2-3”. If your Height is more than 3-4” may work well for an evening look.


Opting the design and style of the wedges completely depends on your purpose of investing. If you want a couple of shoes to be used with a few outfits, go for an easy design in a neutral shade. Peep toe, leather, and closed pump foot are a limited timeless minimalistic wedge style. Moreover, if you want to create a style statement with your wedges, you could go for a crafted design and select a brighter colour to draw attention to the piece.


Wedges are usually considered casual footwear. They match well with wrap dresses, jeans, skirts, shorts, and jumpsuits. You can also opt for wedges for normal occasions, including weddings, if they are especially pretty and have a polished look to them.

For weddings, you can rock with white wedges, sandals, with pastels. Whites are the best colour choice to match the style and colours of weddings.


Certain heel styles are more comfortable than others. The selection depends on your personal choice. Wedge heels with straps are generally more secure than the slip-on variety. Wedges with length lower or up to the ankle will be cooler to walk in than those designed higher than the ankle.


Selecting wedges for occasions and dresses, go for a bright piece like red, yellow, pink, or orange. Dazzling shades tend to draw consideration to the wearer’s legs. Besides clear sundresses or select outfits, you could also team bright-coloured wedges with neutral clothing shades. To sum up, wedge heels are a suitable selection for choosing outfits. And if chosen perfectly, they will add the requisite glamour and style to your dress. 


Select your heels based on the scale and size of your ankles and legs for your comfort wear. Chunky heels look better on thick legs/ankles and slimmer on slim ankles/legs. 

What to wear with wedges?

Dresses: If you want to pair your wedges with a dress, it comes down to your style. Wedges are outstanding with dresses, based on the dress. 

Shorts: You may also pair a nice jacket over your top with wedge sandals —it adds a great sequence of classy and casual.

Jeans: If you go with flared jeans, make confident your hem covers most of the wedge for a stunning, streamlined aesthetic. You can combine them with skinny jeans, do not go too tight for skinny jeans. You also remember wedges do not usually pair with ultra-tight clothing. Boyfriend jeans also suit well with wedges.

Skirts: For skirts, you may need to steer clear of too form-fitting such as a pencil skirt, to avoid a clunky and unflattering look. Select flowing and fuller skirts to pair with your wedges properly.

Wedges are the trendy wear and add a fashion too. So, you can choose a wedge heel based on your choice by considering your Height. The above listed are some of the tips you can choose from wedgy heels.

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