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How to Dress Like a Celebrity

The Bollywood style has not only become popular among Indians but with people across the globe. May it be in Indian outfits or western dresses, Bollywood Divas make sure that their style statement compels millions. They don’t need much time or cash to dress up the way they do. Neither does it take hours to dress up like those stunning Divas nor lacs to grab those faded denim or shoulder drop blouses. The celebrities make sure that they carry everything required for attending any event with them so that no time is wasted while getting ready.

The elegance of the Bollywood divas is incomparable as they dress up according to the needs of their roles. Well, May it be Jacquline Fernandez or Ananya Pandey, you hardly witness them in any local stores. They have a vast team to select their daily outfits. This might be an excellent opportunity for you to grab a local top, and with minimal DIY, you may dress like you just won the lottery. Apart from it, Have a look at some fabulous Indian outfits, so everyone wants to know how to get dressed like a Bollywood Diva at home.

Bollywood actresses are the trendsetters for millions of Indian women. The celebrities dress in an elegant and composed manner to look great. They make a style statement just by dressing elegantly and being unique with sense. These fashion tips inspire the fans and others who love to follow them.


Comfort is the most essential element for whatever you are wearing. The dressing sense should reflect your comfort level so that you do not feel suffocated or irritated.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Make sure that you carry everything required with you. Keep the miscellaneous stuff along to keep yourself fresh for the sudden meetup plans that could come your way, and you might not hesitate tagging along due to your dull and tired face. Face powder, blushes, Mascara, and perfume are some stuff that is highly regarded.

Walk with Style

Even if you are copying a style, make sure to go with the fashion that best suits your personality. Similarly, a pair of high heels and a clutch might give you a stylish look. Make sure the heels are smooth enough to bear your weight and not make you fall on the ramps.

Simple Yet Beautiful

Wear simple and casual outfits at home. They should look good on you, and you can carry them without much effort. Doing so would glitter your personality among your closed circle much better as they regard you to maintain a style in your personal proximity as well.

Eye Catchy Collection

Add glamour to your outfit by carrying stylish handbags, which will complement your figure and personality. Women keep different types of bags for other occasions. Carry a small day bag in the office or when you have to go shopping and a large bag at night with all the items needed for an outing.

Don’t let the rays pass your Eyes.

A pair of sunglasses is most important when it comes to accessories. The Bollywood divas mostly carry stylish designer glasses, which add glamour to their personality and outfit. Sunglasses protect eyes from harmful sun rays and can be carried even when you are indoors.

Penny in my Pockets

Carry all your cash, debit, and credit cards with you when you are going out to attend any special event or party.   Although divas roam around with plastic money, Reserve the table and order the food prior to their arrival, But you might not be welcomed the same way, so make sure that you have some penny in your pockets.

Sticking with your Traditional Grounds

Wear your ethnic clothes during Diwali, karwa Chauth, Holi, or on any other religious occasion. These are the best occasions to dress like a Diva as you will love to carry all the items which are part of your family tradition too.

Knowledge for Trending Fashion

The best way to dress like a Bollywood Diva is by having complete knowledge about their fashion trends and dressing sense. Grab the latest magazines, which feature pictures of movie stars in stylish outfits, and carry them wherever you go.

Setting up a Makeup signature

Whatever makeup you apply, it’s better to maintain it till it becomes your signature. Carry a lip gloss, face powder, and compact along when you are going out in the evening or at night. Keep all your makeup items in your handbag so that it will be easy to apply them whenever needed.

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