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How To Pluck A Lace Front Wig? 6 Steps Are Enough

There are frequently several steps to getting a beautiful hairstyle with a lace front wig. We’re mainly concerned about how to install, cut lace, and fix the wig, among other things. However, there is one crucial component that is sometimes overlooked: plucking your wig. Plucking a wig is an art that requires practice, yet it is something that everyone can do. We’ll go over the reasons for plucking a wig, the instruments you’ll need, and the procedure of plucking a wig in-depth in this blog.

What Does It Mean To Pluck A Wig?

Plucking a wig is the technique of removing extra hair from a lace-front wig’s hairline with a tweezer.

If you look at your natural hairline, you’ll notice that at kameymall hair of different lengths always tries to grow around it, which is a sign of natural hair growth. A fresh wig, on the other hand, may arrive with a hairline that is straight across, too far front, or too dense. Some even have a helmet-like appearance. To achieve a truly realistic hairline, pluck your wig to achieve a natural hairline density that is similar to your own hair. Your human hair wig hairline will then look as if it grew naturally from the scalp.

What Do You Use To Pluck A Wig?

During the plucking procedure, you’ll require the following tools: A lace front wig, wig stand, pins, rat-tail comb, and tweezers are all required.

Many young women are unsure if they should pluck damp or dry hair. Both are, in fact, acceptable. Some individuals prefer damp hair because it’s simpler to manipulate and control, while others prefer dry hair because it allows them to see the density of the hair. So it’s entirely up to you.

How To Pluck Lace Front Wig?

To help you get a natural and satisfying hairline, kameymall will list the steps in detail in the following.

1. Bleach the Knots in Your Hair

This is an optional step. The knots are bleached to make them disappear, giving the human hair wigs a more natural appearance. The knots are the attachment points for the hair at the base of the cap.

To begin, remove the comb in the center. Then, depending on your preference, take two scoops of bleach powder, a 30-40 developer. To prevent the bleach from sinking into the hair, gently apply the developer to the hair. Allow the bleach to sit on your wig for 30 to 40 minutes before shampooing the bleached area. If you’re not sure if you can bleach it beautifully, skip this step because excessive bleaching might result in crazy hair.

2. Place your wig on a stand.

Remove your wigs from the box and place them on the wig stand. Remember to pin the wig into the lace in the front of the wig’s hairline to keep it from moving around; 8 to 10 pins should generally suffice.

3. Apply Mousse To Wig And Comb

To remove knots, simply comb your human hair wigs. Begin at the ends of the hair and work your way up to the roots. Apply 2 palmfuls of mousse to the hairline, then comb back all of the hair. This procedure will allow you to view the wig’s hairline clearly. To secure the wig, tie all of the hair into a ponytail.

4. Start To Pluck The Hairline

To separate a small segment of hair, use the end of a rat-tail comb. Continue to tie the rest of the hair while letting the sectioned hair hang freely. You can now start plucking. Turn the tweezers over in your dominant hand so that the shorter side of the tweezers is pointing down. Because it doesn’t remove as much hair as the longer side, it’s ideal for beginners.

Remember to pluck the hairs near to the roots rather than gripping and pulling the lace during the plucking procedure. Tweeze the hairs in whichever direction you want, but be gentle. Excessive tweezing will result in bald spots, so don’t focus on any one region for too long.

5. Now it’s time to move on to the next layer.

Remove a few more strands of hair with a sectioning tool. This time, pluck a few hairs from the portions that aren’t as thin as the others. With the hairline, it gives an ombre appearance. In addition, the frontals will appear more natural.

6. Make Your Own Baby Hair

You can restore some baby hair after plucking the hairline, which would look more natural than the ones that came with the wig. You can now wear your wig and shape it to your liking.

Some women are unsure how to pluck human hair wigs without the use of tweezers. If you don’t have any tweezers, you can pluck the hair using your long nails. You must exercise extreme caution.

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