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Housing Eating You Out of House And Home? 6 US Cities With The Cheapest Rent

The cost of rent is constantly rising all over the country, but some cities are nearly always more affordable than others. Those researching a move to a cheaper part of the country have some options in finding a new place to settle down. No matter which part of the U.S. you want to move to, there will be a place that fits your budget.

Preparing for your move

While housing costs are a significant consideration when choosing a relocation destination, you should also consider other factors such as climate, access to healthcare, and overall costs of living. Transportation and the overall logistics of getting around in your new location can significantly influence your choice. For example, transporting cars to another state is a course of action many people choose. 

Gulfport, Mississippi

Suppose waterfront living with amazing views of the Gulf of Mexico appeals to your senses. Look no further than Gulfport, MS. Boasting the cost of living well below the national average and a mild climate, Gulfport might just be your idea of paradise.

Buffalo, NY

Buffalo is one of the larger cities to make this list, but don’t let its size fool you. Buffalo is one of the most affordable places in the country. The city is known for its friendly locals and jaw-dropping natural scenery, with Niagara Falls just a short drive away.

Killean, TX

Not only is Killean, TX, one of the most affordable areas of the country, according to U.S News and World Report, it’s also the fifth-best place to live in Texas. Killean’s housing prices are also 34% lower than the national average. 

Lawton, OK

Located southwest of Oklahoma City, Lawton has some of the lowest rental prices in the country. Lawton’s proximity to Fort Sill makes it a convenient home base for those in the engineering and cybersecurity fields. 

Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati is fast becoming a hub for young professionals, and with low rent prices and an excellent school system, it’s easy to see why. Cincinnati has a cost of living of 8% below the national average.

Companies like Kroger, Procter & Gamble, and Macy’s based their home offices in this fantastic city. Cincinnati also has an impressive unemployment rate of less than 4%, with expected growth in technology and healthcare over the next ten years. 

Tuscan, AZ

Surrounded by the largest desert in North America, Tuscan has a beautiful cost of living with cheap rents and excellent schools. As the second biggest city in Arizona, Tuscan is close to five minor mountain ranges allowing for unparalleled natural beauty.

As a bonus for those looking to explore outside the United States, the international border with Mexico is only a two-hour drive away. 

Wrap up

With double-digit rent increases as the norm for many parts of the nation, it can be a refreshing change to locate a municipality with reasonable housing costs and a decent standard of living. Taking a closer look at some of the places on this list might help you find your perfect home. 

This is Robert William, the content contributor on blogili.com. Working with different sites as a content writer.

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