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Mistakes to Avoid as You Expand Your Workforce

Expanding the workforce is a milestone every business owner wishes to reach. After all, once you’re in a position where you can hire more staff, your business is clearly on the rise. It’s important to get it right, though, as some mistakes during expansion could result in an unpleasant work environment and a loss of productivity. To ensure that doesn’t happen, these are the mistakes to avoid as you expand your workforce.

Running Payroll Manually

You don’t have to do everything by hand. While it might have been simple to do your payroll manually when you only had a couple of employees, once your workforce expands, you’ll need to find an easier way to get it done to avoid time-wasting. One great solution to this is using payroll software. Not only is it faster and far more efficient, but it also reduces mistakes and easily calculates payments like holiday pay and bonuses. It’s not just payroll you can automate, either – HR software UK will ensure all your HR needs are simplified.

Not Making Enough Space

This one is pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many employers don’t realize just how much space is needed for a workforce expansion. Squeezing a new desk into the corner isn’t enough; is there enough seating in the break room? What about fridge space? You not only need to ensure your workers have a spacious and comfortable environment for working, but also for moving around the workplace.

Hiring Inexperienced Employees

Some business owners decide to expand their workforce with inexperienced employees. There are a couple of reasons for this, including lower salaries and the chance to train staff from the ground up. While it sounds like a sensible choice, in reality, it can have a detrimental effect on your business. One or two new employees with no previous experience can be beneficial, but you don’t want an entire team of people who don’t know how a business works. So, fork out a higher salary for staff that’ll help your business grow.

Not Keeping Your Current Employees in Mind

It’s not just your new staff that you need to consider when expanding your workforce; you must also think about how your current team will react to new faces. It’s important to keep the team up to date with new hires and to introduce everyone as early as possible. You should also hire people you think your staff will get along well with. No matter how clever a person is, if they’re bad at collaborating and are unpleasant to be around, they will harm productivity levels.

Underestimating Remote Work

Most employers want their staff all in one building, but don’t underestimate the benefits of hiring remote workers. While remote work doesn’t suit all roles, for those who work solely in front of a screen, the home can work just as effectively as a work setting. It’ll help save money on space and equipment, and it’ll also allow your employees flexibility that they are sure to be grateful for.

Avoiding these mistakes when expanding your workforce will ensure a more productive and positive team of staff.

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