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MyeClass: Get MyeClass Portal Access (Updated 2022)

The use of technology is increasing day by day in the 21st century. Whether it is in the health department, scientific and or education. Since many platforms are working for education purposes. Online education got very high attention in a few years. One of them we are going to discuss today is “myeclass”.

Myeclass: What is MyeClass used for?

Myeclass is an online active portal that is specially designed by the American education system for parents and their kids. Further, with the help of the Myeclass portal parents can monitor all kid’s educational activities.

Since 2013 myeclass is the service provider platform to facilitate the students and faculty members of schools and colleges. This platform is the complete solution to all your educational needs.

Myeclass provides the result that you expect. It provides the software depending on your student’s strength for student Id cards and attendance systems based on RFID for your schools and institutes at a huge discount.

All the information provided by any institution remains secure. This platform facilitates teachers and parents both. It has also mobile app since 2021.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) in MyeClass

RFID is wireless technology. It is consisting of a tiny radio transponder, transmitter, and receiver. The radio frequency is communicated with people and things also. It is used for attendance in many institutions through id cards.  This feature is useful for students, teachers, and parents as well.

Myeclass RFID Attendance Benefits

The RFID can work on android mobile, tablets, etc. The RFID cards are assigned to the students. This system is useful for teachers as they don’t need to take manual attendance which is time-consuming.

This system is also error-free as every student must show the card to the “reader” before entering their classroom. It is also a money-saving procedure because it eliminates the paperwork.

The parents can also get updates or notifications on daily bases. Besides the attendance facility, it has also the feature of a yearly attendance report, absent students list, and employee attendance as well. It increases the certainty between the students and teacher as well as parents.

The amazing thing is that you can have all these amazing features on your mobile phone from the school mobile App.

What is Parent Manual?

With access to school ERP, the parent manual is very beneficial for the parents. It contains the complete performance of your child with some extra features.

You can see the complete profile of your child. When the parents open the manual, you can check your child’s attendance report in the attendance module they can also check monthly or weekly reports.

The parents can also check homework and assignments by simply clicking on daily activity or homework module. All the detailed information about exams, class routine, and results, and left application accessible for the parents. You can also check the notification on daily basis.  Besides this functionality, another great feature of this app is you can also add your child’s leave if he/she is not feeling well with reason in the student leave management module.

What is Teacher Manual?

This system has lots of benefits for teachers as well. By simply entering user type, login id, and password. The teacher can enjoy lots of services. In this system, teachers can set the homework for the particular class they teach. The teacher can add homework with subject to the class they want they can also remove it. they can also apply for leave with the number and also receive the token for it. After they can also check the approval or rejected status. There is also an attendance option available for teachers or staff.  The staff can view the images sent by the administrator.

How to do School Registration in MyeClass?

Getting all the above facilities firstly you have to register your institute for this system.

  • For registration go to the official page of “myeclass”.
  • Click on Manu on the top left side.
  • Click on school registration over there. The page will be open this page is for the principal or owner of the school only.
  • Fill out all the details in the required fields e.g. name of institute, designation, full name, contact number, country, province, password, email address, postcode, etc.
  • After completing all the details click on the “register button”.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discuss what is myelass actually. Its feature and benefits. What is RFID? Features of parent and teacher portal and in last how you can register your school.

FAQs about MyeClass

What is MyeClass Portal?

MyeClass is an online webpage that was created by the American education department for students and as well as for parents which parents can monitor all educational activities of their kids.

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