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One day ideas to throw an amazing hen party

One day ideas to throw an amazing hen party. Getting married is one of the happiest days of our lives. We spend so much time and effort stressing over our weddings and planning every last detail that a hen party can often be a way to reward yourself for all your hard work! Whether you have a few close friends or 30 friends to celebrate your hen party with you, the main focus is on you.

They are all there to celebrate you so do not feel that you have to accommodate everyone. prearranging every bit and piece of party planning and surprise helps you to stay on top of it. always arrange the venue and food. browse through party packages and online cake delivery in Bhubaneswar service to select the premium services for your party.

Some women’s hen parties are organised by their maids of honour so make sure your maid of honour knows what you want on your special day.

It has become all the rage to go on a trip for the last weekend getaway when you are on your hen do. You will find a lot of hen parties going to the party capitals such as Goa and Kasol. But if you cannot spare a whole weekend then why not try some of these ideas.

#1 A good old fashioned night out on the town

Drink, dance, have a brilliant time! This is a foolproof way to enjoy yourself and has stood the test of time.

#2 A day at the races

Whether horses are your style or dogs are more your taste there is nothing like a day out at the races. You can dress up or dress down. Make it a very sophisticated event or scream your lungs out.

#3 A luxury spa day

Every girl likes to be pampered and you won’t know pampered until you have experienced sitting by the pool with a face mask on being brought champagne while you get a pedicure!

#4 Horse Riding

Every little girl fantasizes about having their very own pony so why not spoil yourself for the day and go hacking through the hills on a horse riding day? Ideal for smaller groups.

#5 White water rafting

Talk about adrenaline! This action-packed adventure will get your blood racing and make you feel completely alive! Perfect for your final act of death defiance before you say “I do”.

#6 A photoshoot

This is perfect for very small groups. You arrive at the studio, get your hair, make-up and nails done, put on your best frocks and you are ready for your close up!

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#7 Salsa dancing

Every woman can feel sexy and glamorous when doing salsa! So why not spend a few hours learning some moves? They usually finish with a party at the end and often come with a very attractive instructor!

No matter what you have planned for your day you must not forget the essentials. Remember to send the invites out with plenty of time. Do not forget transportation, if you are going a long way from home hire a coach or minibus. Confirm with everyone the plans the night before and most importantly enjoy your day! It’s all in honour of you!

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