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How to Use Perfect Headings for SEO Point of View

Let me explain how to use perfect headings in articles if you want to know how to use heading then read this article because this article will be helpful for you to using perfect headings.

These all questions we will discuss in this article if you want to know about this, then you need to read this.

What are Headings?

Headings are a bullet point that helps to understand any text, further according to Yoast “Headings help users and search engines to read and understand the text.”

How many Types of Heading?

In WordPress sites, there are 6 types of heading, H1 to H6. H1 has a larger size than other headings because Heading 1 is the main title of the article, you can use H1 to H6 in WordPress

In the background, these headings are changed into HTML heading tags; from `<h1>` to `<h6>`. Your theme possibly uses these HTML tags in its templates, too.

Why We Use Headings?

There is the following reason that why we use headings:

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  • Heading helps to show text structure
  • Improve accessibility
  • For improving SEO


Heading Helps to Show Text Structure:

I have already discussed this that headings help to show text structure. It helps the reader understanding that what is this text about.

Further according to Yoast, people tend to read them carefully, they should indicate what a section or paragraph is about, or people won’t know what to expect. Also, headings may help them get back on track if they get lost.

Improve Accessibility

Heading structure is essential for accessibility in which people can easily read the article. Most people can’t read easily on the screen and this heading structure will help those people to comfortably read.

Remember that in most cases, the good for accessibility is also good for SEO.

For Improving SEO

You can also use heading for improving SEO, so the questions arise that how the headings are good for SEO?

When you use perfect headings in the article, headings create good quality, more easily readable text, when your text is better for readers, which is also good for SEO.

How to Use Headings?

Using headings is very simple, you just need to understand how to use headings? For example:

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  • H1: Reduce website spam score
  • H2: How to check the spam score
  • H2: How to reduce spam score
  • H3: A paid tool for reducing spam score
  • H3: Free tool for reducing spam score


Remember that, you can use only one H1 because H1 is the main heading and according to SEO point of view H1 should be one in the article or post.

You can also check this article that how to used perfect headings, and in this article 3 main headings are used, H1, H2, and H3.

Now we will discuss how perfect headings are good for SEO.

How much of an impact those headings have on SEO?

You know that SEO is the main part of any site, without SEO a website cannot be rank in search engine. When you post an article you want to be rank in the search engine, if you used proper headings that as we discussed in the above sections, so this is possible to rank in search engine.

It’s commonly everyone agreed that headings don’t exactly impact your SEO.

There are secondary benefits, though using the headings makes better quality, more easily readable text. Better text is better for users, which is better for your SEO.

Are Perfect Headings Good for SEO?

There is another question that is perfect headings good for SEO? The answer is YES, perfect headings good for SEO, we already briefly discussed on this.

At the end of the article, if you have any queries related to the topic that can ask through the comment box, and if you have better knowledge related to Headings that are used in WordPress kindly share it with us.


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