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12 Basic SEO Tips For Beginners to Improve Website Ranking

12 basic SEO tips for beginners to improve website ranking, do you want to start a blog? If you want so you need to know these basic SEO tips that will help you to rank your article quickly. Some basic tips help will in ranking your posts or articles.

Short URL

In most cases, the short URL ranks fast than a long URL. You need to set a short URL as possible, it helps to quick index in Google search console and ranks fast.

How to make a short URL?

The question arises that how we can make a short URL? It’s very simple just following my steps:

  • Just add the title
  • URL automatically generate
  • You need to remove URL
  • Set manually Short URL

Short URL

Further, how to optimize URLs so that search URLs appeal to users and are convenient for users.

URLs are important for SEO, they affect the perception of the page by search engines and the attitude of users. Backlinko’s overseas SEO expert Brian Dean has compiled an SEO-friendly URL guide, SEO Friendly URLs, which has gathered recommendations based on his own experience. We have translated, adapted, and supplemented the manual.

Google search bar for Keyword

When you add a post you need effective keywords for your post. You can use the Google search bar for effective keywords. Basically, the Google search bar is showing those keywords that are ranked and the most searchable keywords so you need to add these keywords in your post.

Google search bar for Keyword

How to use the Google search bar for keywords?

Very easy to find r search keywords through Google search bar. Simply follow these steps:

  • Need to open Google.com
  • Type something
  • Google will show some suggestions
  • You can use these suggestions as keywords

Use an Amazon keyword tool

You can also use the Amazon tool for keywords, what does it mean? Amazon is the tool that you can search for perfect and valuable keywords for your post.

How to find keywords by Amazon?

Very simple you just need to Amazon extension for this, you can add Google chrome Amazon extension click on here, and then follow these steps:

  • Add Amazon extension
  • Open it and search keyword that you want to rank
  • Amazon show suggestions
  • These suggestions are keywords

Use an Amazon keyword tool

Use a perfect title tag

The main and important part of SEO is “Use perfect title tag”. What does it mean, you need to use the perfect title tag for your post? Most people ignore this but it’s essential for ranking a post.

how to use the perfect title tag?

5 rules for the perfect Title, how to increase traffic at times

  • Use numbers
  • the volume of 5 to 9 words
  • Use negative language
  • Subtitle
  • The specifics
  • The description must be minimum 300 words

Use a perfect title tag

Every day we see hundreds of thousands of advertisements. Only dozens of them will interest us, and we will be ready to read the entire message. But in the memory there will remain units of appeals, the smallest share of them will be worthy of our attention and will be remembered.

And the main difference between those same units of attractive and eye-catching advertising messages is in a successful and correct marketing title. That is why it is worth paying special attention to this part of the message.

More wording content

Nowadays, completion is very high and everyone publishes an article with maximum wording like more than 3,000 words. So you need to try long content articles, there is a high level of chances of rank your post.

Brain dean founder of “Backlinko” SEO expert says about article content that their high chances of rank your article if contain 3,000 plus words. So that is important your article content wording is more than 3,000 or minimum 2,000 words for rank.

Use a title tag with (best, review, year, etc.)

This is also important that your title tag contains with (best, review, years, etc.) For example, you are writing SEO related articles and your title must be containing years like 2020, best tricks for SEO 2020, etc.

It will help to rank your article quickly, moreover, you need to updates your blogs and posts. In some cases, your blogs are ranked in 2019, and now is the current year 2020 so you need to update your blogs related to the current year.

Include the number in your title tag

This technique will also help to increase traffic and ranking of your posts. You must be used number in your title, be careful don’t use the number in your URL. Avoid the number in your URL like you purchase a domain and do avoid numbers the same in this case you have to avoid number in your URL.

On this topic, I have already posted an article in which you can learn about choosing a perfect domain for your business.

Notification bar

Use a notification bar for your post promotion, you can use the notification bar in which you can promote your article. How to use the notification bar? Simply follow these steps:

  • Install the “OneSignal” plugin
  • Activate the plugin
  • Create an account in OneSignal
  • Set the notification bar in your Website

How its work? Simply as you post new, your visitor will receive a notification, who have subscribed to your notification.

Notification bar

Fixed inbound and outbound links

What are the inbounds and outbound links?

Outbound links:

Outbound links are links from the site to external resources. They can be divided into two categories: high-quality and low-quality.

Sign of quality outgoing links:

  • The site to which the link leads is authoritative and corresponds to the subject of the page
  • The link is useful for visitors, the page to which it leads should benefit readers, answer the questions posed
  • The link is made natural transitions

Signs of poor outbound links:

  • They lead to “strange” sites – little-known and low-quality Internet resources, rather sites with a lot of advertising
  • Do not correspond to the subject of the page on which they are placed
  • Lead to prohibited, fake and “indecent” resources

Inbounds links

Inbounds links are internal site links that help to increase traffic on other related posts. These links are very useful to link, especially your post is ranking and you want to rank other related posts too, so you need to add an internal or inbound link in your post.

In these ways, this inbound link will help to increase traffic an old post.

Note: You can manage and automate your web hosting site and without WordPress, using WHMCS SEO Manager.

Delete useless pages

If you want to really rank your post then you need to delete all useless pages in a site. Basically, these pages are effecting your site ranking.

How to check and fix broken links or useless pages on-site? Checking and fixing broken links is not difficult, I have already posted an article on this issue that how to check and fix the broken link of your site.

If you are thinking these broken links are don’t matter in your site ranking then, you are wrong because these broken links are affected on your site so you need to fix them as possible.

Add video

Mostly posts are ranked on the base of video, you need to try adding a video related to the topic. Doing this, there are many chances to rank your post or article, so you should add the video in your post.

For example, you are making a video on SEO tips and in the meantime, you added a YouTube video, so this video helps to rank your post.

Use Wikipedia for keywords research

You can use Wikipedia for keywords, yes that is true you can easily find valuable keywords for your post or article. The question arises that how to use Wikipedia for keywords? Simply follow the instruction:

  • Open Wikipedia
  • Type topic or keyword in the search bar
  • Wikipedia will show the result

If you have any queries related to the topic kindly ask through a comment box.

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