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21 Actual Tips For Website SEO Optimization

21 Actual Tips For Website SEO Optimization. SEO is equal to search engine optimization. It is a process, and the result of the process is to improve the keyword ranking probability, obtain traffic, obtain the achievement of products and services, and the purpose of brand exposure.

On the one hand, the entire station optimization conveys the friendliness of the search engine, and on the other hand, the content meets the user’s search query needs and understands it in depth. How to do SEO optimization?


Tips For Website SEO Optimization


  1. To do website SEO optimization, you need to avoid search engine related algorithms. The most common ones, such as collection, large advertisements occupying the main content, sending out links, obtaining user privacy, and restrictions on reading permissions, etc., will trigger related algorithms and pull-down search engine ratings for websites.


  1. Not only does the website have a reasonable keyword ranking, but it also has clicked. The ranking is a matter of probability. There are many websites with rankings and no clicks. The core problems are the display of the website, the ranking of keyword audiences, and the number of clicks.


  1. Use social tools to share websites. Social clicks can effectively improve the ranking of websites and the search engine’s ranking of websites.


  1. Websites or blogs need to be regularly updated, and it is not recommended that the frequency of publication is random. Except for user-generated content (UGC) websites.


  1. SEO optimization focuses on long-tail keywords, which is the optimization of content pages. Generally speaking, the 28 rules determine the optimization of keywords.


  1. Different titles, descriptions and keywords need to be set on different pages. Suggestions: The homepage has a title and description, the section page has a title and description, and the content page has a title.


  1. Links to old content need to be added to new content. In principle, it should look natural.


  1. For new websites, grasp the relevance principle. What is SEO? The core keywords are SEO. After the authority of the website reaches a certain stage, expand the surrounding vocabulary of the core keywords.


  1. Classify website columns in the form of directories. For example, the URL of the SEO tutorial is the main domain/category / SEO.


  1. Set up different types of site maps for the website, the type for search engines is an XML format, and the type for ordinary users is HTML format. It is recommended to set both maps at the same time.


  1. If you want to get a ranking link, put it several times on other pages, and put it in an important position.


  1. Handle visitor comments, spam comments will affect the ranking of the site.


  1. The content main body is combined with text and text, and an alt attribute is added to each picture, and related keywords must be added around the picture to supplement it.


  1. Avoid homogeneous competition within the station. That is, the keywords corresponding to different URLs should be different, which is the basic principle of SEO.


  1. Use the aggregated tag inside the station reasonably and not abuse it.


  1. A suggested way to set content page title: Content page title name-website name.


  1. There are keywords in the content page title that you want to obtain rankings, and they must appear in the content at the same time.


  1. New websites or blogs should not choose keywords that are too competitive.


  1. It is not terrible to increase the external chain quickly, but I am afraid that it will fall quickly.


  1. It is extremely important to choose a suitable website building program. A perfect website building program solves many problems such as website structure and URL settings.


  1. SEO is a simple matter of repeating things.

SEO Knowledge

The word SEO is the abbreviation of the first letter of each word in English search engine optimization. As a network marketing method, its high input and output is its advantage.

SEO optimization brings a large amount of natural search traffic to the website, which is very necessary for business owners, website owners, and bloggers.

Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, and SEO technology is constantly evolving. The two are mutually reinforcing relationships.

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