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List of 20+ High DA Social Bookmarking Sites 2020

What are the Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social Bookmarking Websites are those sites that allow you to submit URLs and this way you can increase traffic on the website. These sites are very useful and have high DA and PA so backlinks that generate through these sites are very high. Top 5 social bookmarking sites list:

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  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Linkedin
  • Diigo


Further, Probably, many are familiar with using bookmarks in the browser so that you can always connect to interesting or necessary pages. But these bookmarks may disappear after reinstalling the browser, or you are away and cannot access them.

So, social bookmarks are an alternative to regular bookmarks in the browser, but they differ in that they are not stored in the browser on your computer, but on the sites of the services themselves.

You can access your social bookmarks from absolutely any computer that has Internet access.

Social bookmarking is good because it allows you everywhere to have access to links to the necessary sites. You cannot be afraid that you will lose all bookmarks, because even if you reinstall the system or browser, they will be saved.

And one more thing, you even have access to bookmarks of other users (only if they are open to the public).

To start using social bookmarking, you must register on one of several services. After creating an account, you can save links to any interesting sites, add descriptions to them, and organize them using tags, folders, or categories.

A fairly large number of social bookmarking services allow you to not only add new social bookmarks, but also add friends, create interest groups, make various privacy settings, import bookmarks from a browser, and also upload various files to be added to groups of your interest.

Social Bookmarking Services

On the Internet, there are a huge number of bookmarking sites that have their own characteristics and their own set of basic functions. Some are below:



Twitter is the most popular bookmarking site that has DA 94, PA 75, and Alexa rank is 41. This social bookmarking site allows a user that can bookmark and submit a URL that helps us to increase traffic.



Pinterest is also a famous and huge bookmarking site that has DA 94, PA 68, and Alexa 32. This Site allows its users that can bookmark and increase traffic.

Help out Website Promotion by Social Bookmarking

Website promotion using social bookmarking was very effective in 2008-2009 at the time of the most popular of these services in Pakistan. Adding links to several sites and from several accounts allowed not only to attract additional traffic to your site but also significantly accelerate its indexing.

Also, the high-quality site promotion using bookmarks had a positive effect on the position of low-frequency queries in Google allowed to increase the Page-Rank.

It is clear that to achieve a good result, it was necessary to quickly add links to your site to several bookmarking sites at once, and preferably from different accounts. To automate this work, automatic bookmarking services were used.

Most people search on Google:

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  • Social bookmarking sites
  • Social sites
  • Free social bookmarking sites
  • Free bookmarking sites
  • High DA Social Bookmarking sites


Why Social bookmarking site is needed?

Simply marketing of your product and increase the traffic by bookmarking sites. here the list of social bookmarking sites that you can easily create an account and submit links for increase traffic. Social Bookmarking sites list is below:

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Top 20+ Social bookmarking Sites List

Bookmarking websites DA Alexa
www.twitter.com 94 41
https://www.linkedin.com/ 94 32
www.pinterest.com 94 32
www.reddit.com 77 28
www.tumblr.com 91 46
www.stumbleupon.com 68 521
www.citeulike.org 33 20728
www.Plurk.com 86 2291
www.Fark.com 55 3741
www.scoop.it 54 1505
www.diigo.com 43 3756
www.folkd.com 53 4417
www.dzone.com 35 4980
 https://storify.com/ 22 16667
www.bizsugar.com 33 15644
www.inbound.org 25 22229
www.disqus.com 79 565
www.list.ly 31 20826
www.slashdot.org 55 2664
www.digg.com 83 1391
www.instapaper.com 41 9272
www.medium.com 94 312
www.quora.com 90 130

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If you want to add your social bookmarking site kindly contact us for adding.

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