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70+ Best High DA Blog Commenting Sites List Available For SEO

What is SEO?

Most people know about the SEO, SEO is the short term of “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO is a tool in which you can increase your website traffic by doing SEO.

Further, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – a set of works aimed at improving the position of the site in the results of the search engines to increase site traffic.

Which ways to doing SEO?

There are many tools to doing SEO but here we will discuss a few tools of SEO. The list is mentioned below the Tools of SEO:

These tools are all important for SEO. What is best and which one tool you are using for SEO?

Benefits of SEO

The basic and main benefit of SEO is the promotion of your website. Everyone wants to promote his site but that is not so easy until when you don’t want to. When you are doing SEO for your site then you have high chances on the rank.

Your site might be at the top on Google search and that is possible when you do SEO properly. Once your site at the top then definitely you have high traffic and gain more profit. Some are the benefits mentioned below:

  • Good Search Result on Google
  • Increase Profitability
  • Chances of getting High DA
  • Value of PA
  • Increase Value of Website
  • High Traffic
  • User-friendly Website
  • The high rank of Site
  • Increase Customers & clients

What are the Blog Commenting Sites?

Blog commenting sites are those sites that you can comment on and get backlinks. You will often visit these sites that have comment sections in which you can describe your problem or appreciate comments about posts.

This is an easy way to get backlinks for any sites.

How to create backlinks through Blog commenting?

Getting backlinks are very easy on blog commenting sites. Serval things that you need to know before the comment on blog commenting sites. First you must have a valid Gmail account, second a valid website link that you want to create a backlink on site.

Further you must put your name that will show on your comment. Be careful your comment should be related to blog or topic, otherwise your comment will not be approved.

The comment sample is mentioned below you can check:

How to create backlinks through Blog commenting

Blog commenting

List of Top 50+ Blog commenting Sites for SEO

The list is mentioned below of blog commenting sites which you can easily comment and get a backlink.


No Websites
1. http://www.blogger.com
2. https://neilpatel.com/
3. https://blogili.com/
4. https://blogsandnews.com/
5. https://quicksprout.com/
6. https://shoutmeloud.com/
7. https://smartpassiveincome.com/
8. https://elegantthemes.com/blog/
9. https://problogger.com/blog/
10. https://smartpassiveincome.com/
11. https://melyssagriffin.com/
12. https://digitechnopost.com/
13. https://blogtyrant.com/blog/
14. https://matthewwoodward.co.uk/
15. https://writetodone.com/
16. https://expert-seo-training-institute.in/blog/
17. https://begindot.com
18. https://seotoolstation.net/
19. https://onlinedailys.com
20. https://blog.diigo.com
21. https://webs.com/blog
22. https://kbwalker.blogs.com
23. http://authorstream.com
24. https://blog.ucoz.com
25. https://blogsandnews.com
26. http://mypaper.pchome.com.tw
27. http://youthresult.com
28. http://wetpaint.com
29. https://socialmediatoday.com/
30. http://filmthreat.com/
31. https://colorlib.com
32. https://themewagon.com
33. https://seotoolstation.net
34. https://almadeviajante.com
35. https://manetane.com
36. https://moonknight65.wordpress.com
37. https://bookinn.pk
38. https://darnellcureton.com
39. https://raimeygallant.com
40. https://thefantasyinn.com
41. https://broadswordsandblasters.com
42. https://mxgomez.wordpress.com
43. https://blog.bizsugar.com
44. https://pvariel.com
45. https://gotchseo.com/
46. https://donnamerrilltribe.com/
47. https://inspiretothrive.com/
48. https://robbierichards.com/
49. https://imninjas.com/blog/
50. https://mytechranker.com/
51. https://smartblogger.com/blog/
52. https://johnchow.com/
53. https://digitechnopost.com/
54. http://www.portent.com
55. thesavvybackpacker.com
56. http://www.thesartorialist.com
57. http://www.blogarama.com
58. empireflippers.com
59. http://goatsontheroad.com
60. theblondeabroad.com
61. http://onlinemediamasters.com
62. thewritelife.com
63. http://brainstormforce.com
64. handluggageonly.co.uk
65. http://vandelaydesign.com
66. bloggingwizard.com
67. justcreative.com
68. http://keepinspiring.me
69. btemplates.com
70. buildfire.com
71. http://javaworld.com


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